My first bicycle!

by thedemuremuse on July 23, 2014

My friends started a “bike club” (aka start an email thread and ask if others are free to go biking on the weekend) back in the Spring and I got super excited to join. I’ve always wanted to try biking on the city streets, but grew up in the suburbs and never veered far from the sidewalks unless crossing the roads. To be fair, Toronto isn’t the most bike-friendly city (good luck finding dedicated bike lanes!), so the idea of biking on the city streets of Seattle was much less intimidating.

For the first couple months, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to commit to this sport. See, I have slight commitment issues when it comes to physical activities and my infatuations never last more than 4 months before I get bored and want to try something new. With bikes being on the pricier end of the equipment spectrum, I wanted get my feet wet with a few 30k+ rides before taking the plunge to invest in a bike of my own. To start, I borrowed a friend’s race bike and was a little spoiled by the lightweight beauty.

Chrome bags - utility pack, Torker interurban bike

Buying a bike as an adult was such a different experience than as a kid. I remember my childhood and always having a hand-me-down bike from one of my siblings. It was awesome because I loved their taste in aesthetics as a kid and would be patiently waiting for them to outgrow their bikes. When it came to buying my own bike, I really only had a couple requirements:

1. MUST be multi-geared – none of this fixie business… there are too many hills in Seattle and my jelly thighs aren’t quite ready for that
2. Minimalist frame design – the less logos and colours = the better! This is a lot more challenging than you’d think…
3. Under 30lbs – I have a tendency to take “scenic detours” (aka where I sometimes get lost) and end up on some path that has stairs and I need to be able to carry this thing!

After a lot of debating, I ended up splurging on a Torker (similar) because it met all 3 of my requirements and didn’t break the bank as badly as the other bikes that I was swooning over. I never thought I’d become one of those people who falls in love with the frame of a bike, but I definitely fell hard for some of the bikes – that were wayyy out of my price range- that friends linked me to. Can I interest you in this “Bianchi Green” number, a Bianchi by Gucci (holy $$$$!!!), or a classic Redline? See what I mean about beautiful bikes?

Chrome bags - utility pack, Torker interurban bike
outfit details:
bike: Torker (similar) (I guess this is technically an article you’d wear? haha)
pullover hoodie: Brandy ♥ Melville (exact)
jeans: Joe’s (similar, similar pair on sale)
peep-toe flats: Franco Sarto (exact, via OnlineShoes)
utility pack: c/o Chrome (exact)

If you’ve ever wondered what a typical Sunday morning looks like for me, this would be it! I absolutely love being comfortable for short errand-running rides, and this day was no different. My favourite thing about this outfit is the fact that you can’t tell the utility pack is stuffed with my cheque-book-sized wallet (it’s seriously a BRICK!), giant handful of keys, cellphone, and half a chocolate bar. This bag really holds everything tightly together and I never have to worry about losing anything because of the bazillion strips of velcro!

Chrome bags - utility pack

P.S. I usually wear a helmet, promise!

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Currently: July 2014

by thedemuremuse on July 18, 2014

Kayaking along Lake Union in my go-to Franco Sarto Venezia sandals (via

Loving: Summertime! Honestly, Seattle has the most beautiful summers I’ve ever come across. Every summer, a friend and I volunteer to be part of a summer camp-type program where we take anywhere from 20-30 kids (are they still considered kids if they’re 21-24? I feel so old around them… haha) out around the city on weekends. So far, we’ve walked through almost every neighbourhood within a ~1 mile radius of the Seattle downtown core, kayaked along the water to Gas Works Park, and are planning a pool party in a few weeks. We were hoping to sneak in a few short hikes, but it’s been pretty hot out lately and none of us are excited by the idea of sweating in the wilderness.

Reading: Went on a bit of a book-buying binge back in June and have been slowly chipping through the stack. #GIRLBOSS was the first on the list and I finished it in under a week. Sophia Amoruso’s unusual journey and honesty in storytelling was really compelling and made me want to get up and do something at the end of every chapter. If you haven’t yet read this book, I highly recommend it! One of my friends borrowed it and finished it within 3 days!! Next to be finished is Bossypants.

Watching: Master Chef is back!! And so is Suits! Two of my favourite shows in the same season? I love it! I’m hardcore crushing on Daniel from Master Chef this season… something about dudes with sleeves of tattoos and nice glasses who are great in the kitchen. dayuuuum.

Listening to: Currently tuned into the Iggy Azalea Pandora station. Sam Smith’s Stay With Me gives me goose bumps every time the track comes on. He has an amazing set of vocal pipes!

Working on: Building furniture… specifically closet-type things. I’m setting up a new space (more on this later) and of all the apartments I looked at, somehow I picked the one with NO CLOSETS. WHAT? Yeah. I’m a sucker for a nice kitchen and interesting interiors, so I wasn’t exactly using the rational/logical side of my brain when signing the dotted line on this place. The last 4 weeks have been spent trying to build a make-shift storage spaces and the current state of a closet is about 1/4 of the size of my current closet. I have no idea how I’m going to fit all my coats and clothes in one tiny wardrobe and I don’t have a whole lot of time to figure it out. Any suggestions?
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Favourite thing about blogging? Hang outs!

by thedemuremuse on July 16, 2014

One of my favourite things about having a blog is the community behind blogging itself. Since my day job doesn’t have anything to do with fashion or clothes or anything related to this blog at all, it’s nice to talk to other people who have similar interests. Even better than swapping comments or emails is meeting up with these ladies in person!

franishblogvisitsSeattleoutfit details:
swan button down: Target (similar)
roll-up shorts: H&M
necklace: made by yours truly
boyfriend watch: Vince Camuto

If you’ve been following me for the last couple years, you’ll probably recognize the bloggers in this group. All being Seattle-based as is, Lindsay, Bri, and I see each other a handful of times a year. Fran carried on her tradition (can I even call it that yet since last year was the first year?) of visiting Seattle in the summer and we met up for dinner last week. I was really hoping for a repeat of the bubble tea run, but we opted for a pie bar (yep. Seattle totally has a bar that serves pie and pie-themed cocktails) instead. I was super bummed that Kimmie couldn’t make it this year, but hoping that we’ll all reunite again for bubble tea again soon!!

YAY for blogging friends! Seriously, these ladies are AH-MAZING and just as sweet and hilarious in person as they are online.

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The hunt is finally over! After months of searching for the perfect fitting summer maxi skirt (also attempted to find a maxi dress, but that went even more poorly…), this is the first one that I didn’t end up returning! I went through similar frustrations last summer and ended up compromising on high-low skirts because I was so frustrated with trying on mid-shin-to-ankle-hovering “maxi skirts”. Before this gem, I even went as far as ordering a Stitch Fix back in early June in hopes that a stylist could help me in a search for the perfect fitting maxi skirt (or dress). The picks in my fix didn’t quite work out and I was just about ready to revert back to the high-low skirts until this chevron beauty showed up…

outfit details:
tank top: H&M
chevron skirt: c/o Vanity (exact)
Birkenstock sandals (exact, via
Jaco aviator sunglasses: c/o Hobie (exact)
Molly Moon necklace: c/o 31 Bits (exact)


I kid you not, I pretty much squealed when I tried on this skirt for the first time and it wasn’t awkwardly hovering above my ankles!! I’m really not that much taller than average, but maxi dresses and skirts have been such a nightmare to shop for. Pinterest makes me realize how much maxi dress envy I have pent up because everyone makes them look so easy to wear and are always styled beautifully. Is it too much to ask to want in on the maxi skirt action? Super happy to finally get to join in on the party!

If you’re wondering where I went with this outfit…

hobie jaco sunglasses

The maxi skirt was so easy to change into/out of for kayaking, and was the perfect piece for post-kayaking lunch plans. This was also the first time that I took the Hobie polarized Jaco aviators out on the water. With this past weekend being one of the sunniest, hottest days in Seattle so far, I may have underestimated how many times I was supposed to reapply sunscreen and may or may not have reverse-raccoon eyes… yep! Talk about attractive tan lines! :P
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Romper remix

by thedemuremuse on July 13, 2014

Confession #1: When Erica first sent over her romper for the last Swap & Style, I was stressing out super hard about how to style it. It sounds silly to admit because our Style & Swaps are supposed to be fun and exciting, but I was a nervous wreck with this piece. To be honest, I struggled a lot with how to wear it because I was super self-conscious about the fit and length of the shorts in proportion to my legs.

Confession #2: Because of #1, I originally styled the romper differently with a knee-length skirt over the shorts. The proportions of the romper were fine, but I was too self-conscious about taking photos in a standalone romper, so I tried the romper 2 ways as options for the post.

Decided to dig these photos up out of the outfit backlog to share my silly story about being intimidated by a romper. I know, I know. It’s so ridiculous now that I’ve written down the thought process that went behind the whole romper ordeal, but this is what happened when I let my nerves get the best of me. It’s funny to look back on all of this now because the romper Erica sent is one of my favourite recent outfits!

outfit details:
romper (work as a top): Forever 21 (swapped from Erica’s closet)
accordion skirt: c/o AngelEye London
tote bag: Moorea Seal
sandals: Franco Sarto (exact, via
“meow” necklace: c/o Snake and Fawn


Romper talk aside, I wanted to quickly talk about this “meow” necklace from Snake and Fawn. I’m a little (ok, a lot!) obsessed with cats and will usualy substitute the word “meow” into random everyday conversations. For example, I could be talking about a song that I just heard on a radio and attempt to sing it. If I don’t know the words, I replace the lyrics with “meow meow meow” and sing that along to the tune. Ridiculous? Yes, very. When I was offered a premade necklace from S+F, I immediately gravitated to the “meow” necklace!

I love the idea of the uniquely handwritten necklaces offered by Snake and Fawn. All of them are in the style of the inspiration, or you can request a custom necklace formed from your own handwriting! Pretty neat, eh? All of the necklaces can also be made with vintage deadstock chain (mine came on a beautiful, blackened gold chain) for that one-of-a-kind special look.

If you’re looking for a unique, everyday piece, I highly recommend checking S+F out! I’m currently debating getting a custom made necklace from my own chicken scratch handwriting.

Random: here’s a silly outtake from when the wind decided to pick up:



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