Swap & Style: Neon stripes

by thedemuremuse on February 28, 2015

outfit details:
pink striped top: c/o Aeropostale
organza full skirt: Forever 21
mesh-topped booties: Jessica Simpson
boyfriend watch: Vince Camuto


Going to keep this one short and sweet today because, well, it’s the weekend! Erica and I honestly share a fashion brain. We both sent each other pink items in this round of Swap & Style, which made me laugh because the reason I sent her this top is because I had no idea how to style the colour in my wardrobe. I’m all for stripes, but neon pink stripes are a whole different beast!

I love that we both paired it with a skirt, despite the casual, ribbed henley style.

Don’t forget to stop by Erica’s blog, Sweets and Hearts, to see her full outfit details!

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How to look 5 years younger with a single accessory

by thedemuremuse on February 27, 2015

I’ve been trying to figure out ways to make biking for a portion of my daily commute doable to supplement the weekend training. With this comes trying to think up creative ways of carrying my laptop, lunch, and other goodies during the commute that works both for the bike and bus. My everyday Jack Spade messenger bag is not exactly the most bike-friendly. I experimented with a backpack this week and let’s just say I think people were confused about which bus I was waiting for…

outfit details:
plaid button down: c/o Aeropostale
herringbone puffer vest: J.Crew Factory
Work It dress pants: Betabrand (exact, $25 off with this link)
DV8 buckled Laurel bootie: c/o Aeropostale (exact)


With a backpack, I could definitely pass as a college student. Maybe even a high school senior? haha! I can’t quite tell if it’s the outfit or the addition of the backpack that makes me look like such a kid, but I’m going to go with the latter. There you have it: Add a backpack to look at least 5 years younger! ;)

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Blushing from infatuation

by thedemuremuse on February 25, 2015

Is this even real life? It’s been beautifully sunny for the last few days and I can’t believe this is considered to be winter weather. Back in Toronto, my family has been telling me about the -30C chills coupled with ridiculous amounts of snow, and here on the west coast I’m about ready to pack up my winter jackets for storage until next year.

outfit details:
pink trench: Dahlia via Emerging Thoughts (exact)
jeans: 7 for all Mankind
buckled booties: Clarks Shoes
trifold crossbody: BEVEE (exact, borrowed for styling)
statement necklace: c/o Sterling Forever (exact)


I added this blush pink trench to my close back in January and have been trying to figure out ways to wear it. I usually shy away from colours, but I’ve been seeing so many beautiful outfits on Pinterest where women converted the blush into a neutral and mixed it flawlessly into their black, white, and grey wardrobe. My only qualm with this jacket is the fact that it’s a bit lighter weight than I would’ve imagined a $100 jacket to be. The design is beautiful but the material is so light that it gets picked up by the wind pretty easily. I’m excited for Seattle to really warm up so I can wear this more often.

Until then, this is my styling of a blush trench with some everyday work wear. I try to keep outfits pretty casual on days that I don’t have a slew of meetings. I spruced this t-shirt and jeans combo up with this statement necklace, which was complimented all day long! The weight of the piece is perfect (not too heavy, but weighted enough to keep the sparkly gems forward-facing) and was just enough glitter to spruce up an otherwise boring outfit. I’m going to try to figure out a way to incorporate it into my outfit for Friday’s Young Professionals of Seattle event!

Speaking of the YPOS 4th anniversary party, will I see you there?

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Confessionals #1: Reflecting on 2015 goals

by thedemuremuse on February 23, 2015

I’ve always been a bit nervous to open up and get personal on this blog because, well, it’s the internet and anyone can read this. I have enough trouble in real life opening up to people and feeling vulnerable, so you can imagine how much harder it is to feel secure about typing out feelings and personal things in a public forum. With that said, I’ve been enjoying the (sometimes personal) questions that get emailed every now and then and figured it’s time to start opening up more on here. Let’s give this whole “getting personal” thing a whirl, shall we?

For this first post, I wanted to address one of my goals for 2015. Biking from Seattle to Portland has always been a goal of mine since becoming a bike owner. Tickets for the bike ride went on sale a couple weeks ago and I pulled the trigger on securing a spot. In all honesty, it felt amazing to buy the ticket and say to myself, “Fuck yeah! This is happening! I’m going to get my butt in shape to ride 200 miles in a weekend and have amazingly strong legs by the end of the summer.”

However, these feelings of excitement and invincibility slowly started to die over the last few weeks. After going on my first bike ride of 2015 a couple weekends ago and barely making it 10 miles before being super winded from a tiny hill, the feeling of panic and regret are now starting to seep in. My thoughts have been darting all over the place from, “Oh boy, I’m going to die trying to bike to Portland,” immediately followed by, “No, you can totally do this. YOU WILL DO THIS!!”, and then later thinking, “Can I get a refund? I should get a refund, right? Right? Maybe? I don’t know anymore.”


I don’t want to be a quitter and I want to see this goal through. It’s a mental exercise as much as it is a physical one. The mental challenge honestly feels like the harder hurdle of the two right now because I am afraid of failure and letting myself down by not meeting this lofty goal. It sounds silly because I set this goal myself, but I’ve shied away from pushing myself too hard in the past. Getting over letting myself down is something I’ve struggled with in the past and makes me feel somewhat insecure about my own abilities. I feel like I’ve been on the verge of psyching myself out of achieving this goal at least once a week and am so grateful for positive, encouraging, inspiring friends.

This weekend, my friends put together a “first time STP riders training plan” and we went out on our first group ride together. It was the first time I had committed to a ride for longer than 20 miles in a single trip and I didn’t know what to expect. My cycling friends are all insanely fit (they ride multiple times a week, participate in other sports, or hit the gym regularly) and I am by far the wimpiest one. It’s inspiring to be around them because I get to learn how to be a better rider and how to pace myself appropriately. They are all so selfless and caring, too. If anyone in the group ever falls behind the main pack (ahem… usually me), someone will stay back and pick up the rear so I’m never battling road cycling alone.

I’m really proud of making it through my first 30 mile bike ride!! The end goal is to hit 100 miles in a single day and this weekend’s ride finally made me feel like this distance is doable. I know I still have a lot of training to do (gosh, trying to build up to 3x today’s distance is going to be tough), but I can at least see a small glimmer of light at the end of this tunnel!

I hope to have more updates on the cycling training over the next few months leading up to STP in July! LET’S DO THIS!!

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Young professional

by thedemuremuse on February 20, 2015

Happy Friday, y’all! This is the first weekend of no solid plans, which means I get to look forward to doing fun things like cleaning the apartment and doing laundry. No joke, laundry is my favourite chore of all time and I get excited to fold all the things! Folding clothes fresh out of the dryer is super therapeutic for me… plus this is when I catch up on all the episodes of The Bachelor. Don’t judge!

outfit details:
quilted faux-leather jacket: Forever 21 (similar)
oversized tunic: Iris Basic via Crossroads Trading
dress pant yoga pants: Betabrand (exact, $25 off with this link)
custom pumps: Shoes of Prey (via Kim’s closet)
dipped messenger bag: Jack Spade (similar)
alpaca scarf: gift from friend


The outfit in today’s post is actually something I’ve been wearing to the office quite a bit, with the exception of the shoes. This is a variation of the black & blue outfit posted back in January, but elevated with a pair of customized pumps that Kim designed through Shoes of Prey. It’s funny when I look at these shoes because they are pretty much the pumps version of the booties that I customized (and wear all the time). Great minds think alike?

Outfit talk aside, I’m excited to spend this weekend unwinding because next week is going to be a busy one. Next Friday, February 27, is the Young Professionals of Seattle’s 4th anniversary! Is anyone else planning on going? This will be my first YPOS event, but I’ve heard great things about past ones. As a transplant to Seattle, I’ve always found it challenging to meet new people outside of my immediate group of friends (which, let’s be honest, are mainly awesome people that I’ve met at work), so I’m excited to give this a go. Let me know if you’re going– let’s meet up!!

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