ClassPass in Seattle

by thedemuremuse on November 22, 2014

ClassPass Launches in Seattle

Fall in Seattle does one of two things to me:
1. Gets me super excited about pumpkin pies
2. Bums me out about outdoor sports because the constant rain = no biking, hiking, or kayaking

If you know me, you’ll know that I’m a bit of a commitment-phobe when it comes to signing up for gym memberships. I get bored of a single sport or activity after 1-2 months and try to keep my workouts variable. In the past, I’ve binged on barre or yoga or Flywheel or boxing circuit training classes for a couple months at a time, got bored, and then moved on to the next one as soon as things started to feel too much like a monotonous routine.

ClassPass reached out at the beginning of November, as they launched in Seattle! If you haven’t heard about ClassPass yet, they are an alternative to traditional gym memberships. Instead of having to commit to a single gym/studio, ClassPass works with a handful of studios/gyms in each of the cities that they’re available in and gives you unlimited classes every month, with a restriction of 3 classes per studio. As someone who’s in the downtown core of Seattle, there are a number of studios in the surrounding area, which would easily give me the opportunity to try 10+ classes each month.

With ClassPass being only $99/month, this works out insanely well budget-wise. If I hit my goal of 10 classes this month, it’ll be $10/class, which is 50% less (if not more) than what I used to pay per class in the past. I’m super stoked that Flywheel and a handful of yoga studios that I used to frequent are all partnered with ClassPass because I no longer have to pay $15-25/class and am saving a ton each month if I hit my goal.

I’m about 3 weeks into this month’s pass and have taken 4 classes so far. My work schedule has been a bit insane, but with the number of studios and classes available, I’ve been able to reserve spots, or change existing reservations, really easily to accommodate my schedule.

If you’re in the Seattle area and are looking for a gym membership alternative, I would highly recommend ClassPass. Their service is phenomenal and it’s surprisingly seamless given how many memberships you’d traditionally have to hold on to if you signed up to each of the gyms separately.

My complimentary pass is due to expire in December, but if anyone wants to join me for a couple classes before then let me know! I’m totally up for new work out buddies to help stay motivated. I’ll be renewing my ClassPass in the new year, as well. If you want to check it out with my referral code, I would be forever grateful!

While I’m dreading my ClassPass ending in the first week of December, I’m excited to tell you about all the classes I tried and the motivation behind them. I’m big on stats and looking at data from some of the classes, so apologies in advance if things get a little geeky starting in mid-December. ;)

Disclosure: I received a complimentary 1 month membership to ClassPass to try. All opinions in this review are 100% my own.

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Kicking leaves

by thedemuremuse on November 21, 2014

The leaves are officially all over the ground and I’m not even going to lie about the number of puddles of them I’ve jumped/stomped through on a daily basis. The little kid in me loves to kick them around and hear the crunching under my shoes and I’m running for the bus in the mornings (because I still can’t seem to grasp the concept of waking up 3 minutes earlier if I want to sneak in a Starbucks run before commuting).

outfit details:
jacket: Michael Kors
sleeveless blouse: H&M (similar)
wrap sweater: SheInside (exact)
dress pant yoga pants: Betabrand (exact)
Freebird Bolo booties: c/o Zappos (exact)


This is the first time I’m linking up with Bri’s Third Thursday Threads and so stoked about it! The theme for this month’s linkup is fall boots, which couldn’t have been a better topic because I am so in love with these Freebird Bolo boots. Not only are these boots perfect for styling with every pair of skinny jeans (which is almost every pair of jeans that I own, to be honest), but they’re also extremely comfortable and bus-chasing friendly!

Can’t believe that next week is already Thanksgiving… which means 2014 is almost over! Ahhh!! What are you all doing for the long weekend? Anything fun planned? This is the first year I’ll be staying put in Seattle (vs heading to California, as I’ve done for the last 4 years) and I’m starting to have mixed feelings about it. I usually go to California because my two closest guy friends live there and offer to make the most amazing Thanksgiving dinner spread. This year looks like it’s going to be spent eating crappy Chinese takeout and binge watching something on Netflix. Anyone want to join?

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by thedemuremuse on November 19, 2014

outfit details:
jacket: Michael Kors
quilted shoulder top: Banana Republic (exact)
dress pant yoga pants: Betabrand (exact)
pointed-toe flats: Nine West (similar)
boyfriend watch: Vince Camuto (similar)
glasses: c/o Rivet & Sway

15363390395_da17a5b040_o 15176708270_da9f8ccd08_o

As I was looking through albums of photos for this blog post, I realized that I skipped a set before Monday’s post. I ended up chopping off 6″ of hair a couple weeks ago and forgot to post this set of photos before posting photos with the shorter ‘do. I went through a bit of hair cutting regret the morning after the haircut, but now that I look back at the photos, I don’t miss having the long hair! At the rate my hair grows (aka like a weed!!), it’ll be back in full force by the summer. As much as I enjoyed having the highlights, I’m looking forward to having all jet-black hair again soon. :)

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Prepping for the holidays

by thedemuremuse on November 17, 2014

As wedding season winds down, I’m looking at my closet and trying to figure out what to do with all the dresses that I’ve bought and only worn once. Does anyone else have the same problem of not wanting to wear the same dress to someone else’s wedding because of the fact that there are so many pictures already taken of it worn the first time? Maybe I’m weird and shouldn’t think this way, but I wanted to get creative with re-purposing the dresses for other occasions. Thank goodness the holidays are just around the corner!

Last week, Kim and I spent a day getting creative with our collection of “pieces we’ve only worn once and want to wear again” and trying to figure out how to make them feel more festive with Meta Ink. The metallic temporary tattoos were so easy to style for the summer, but transitioning them to the fall/winter was such a great challenge. Instead of trying to make a statement with them, we approached it from an unexpected, subtle, sexy angle– just a touch of metallic to highlight the back of this dress. Can you spot them? ;)

maxi dress: Lulu’s (exact)
flower crown: Claire’s (similar)
Mila necklace: Victoria Bekerman (exact)
metallic tattoos: c/o Meta Ink (exact)


Since the back of the dress makes such a statement already, I wanted to go with a longer statement necklace to make the front more festive. This mixed metal piece from Victoria Bekerman studio is absolutely gorgeous and so perfect for the holidays. Playing off the silver and gold dots of the metallic tattoos translated really well with the mix of the metals in the necklace.

This set of photos is seriously my favourite from this year. Kim did such an amazing job not only with the photos themselves, but with helping make me feel comfortable in front of the camera. Photos for this blog are usually taken with a tropic and a remote (surprise!) because I get a bit nervous shooting with a human on the other side of the camera. THANKS KIM!!

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Le Tote: expanding your closet one tote at a time

by thedemuremuse on November 11, 2014

Starting in September (gosh, has it already been that long?), I was offered a chance to try out the Le Tote service. I had heard a lot of great things about Le Tote from Bri and Fran over the summer when they both started receiving their totes. If you’re unfamiliar with Le Tote, they’re basically like the Netflix of clothes. You pay a monthly subscription and can receive/return as many or as few totes as you’d like during the month. Each tote has about 5 pieces total, including both clothing and accessories, and there’s no obligation to buy anything. I thought about my totes as being an extension of my existing wardrobe, helping me to spice up the staples that have been getting worn on high rotation over the last few months.

To avoid too many surprises, every member has their own virtual closet. While browsing the full collection of clothes in the Le Tote inventory, you can “heart” an item, which gets stashed into your closet Here’s a snippet of some of the stuff that I have in my closet:


Not every item in your closet will show up in the totes. In the last two months, I received 4 totes, which were a mix of items that I had hearted and other pieces that were extrapolated based on similar styles of pieces I had already identified. It was a nice surprise every time a new tote arrived! Every time a tote is shipped out, there’s a “My Totes” section on their site where you can view items from current and past totes, rate the items, and also request to have them reshipped (if they were part of a past tote). You’ll see in my tote below, 2 out of the 6 items were ones that I had saved in my virtual closet, and the rest were picked by the Le Tote staff:


The funniest part about this specific tote is that I ended up liking the pieces that I didn’t pick myself more than the ones that I did. Does that dress look familiar? It’s the Saint Grace dress from this post. I’m slightly regretting not buying this piece. The prices of items in the totes are 20-60% off retail price, again, with no obligation to buy anything if you don’t want to keep it.

The very best part about Le Tote is being able to try styles that I would normally not want to commit to. In one of my totes was this gorgeous long pencil skirt. I’ve passed up on skirts of this length in the past because I wasn’t sure how to style them, but having one arrive in a tote forced me out of my comfort zone for a good styling challenge:

outfit details:
t-shirt: Old Navy (old)
pencil skirt: French Connection via Le Tote
caged booties: Hinge via Nordstrom (exact)
quilted faux-leather jacket: Forever 21 (similar)
glasses: SEE Eyewear
necklace: c/o SheInside (old)

I would highly recommend checking out Le Tote if you’re up for a style adventure!

Disclaimer: I received a 2 month subscription courtesy of Le Tote to try the service. All opinions are 100% my own and reflective of my personal experience.

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