Feeling fancy

by thedemuremuse on July 6, 2015

Wedding season is back in full swing and I’ve been working with what’s in my closet, trying my very best to avoid shopping for the next few months. This dress makes me feel extra fancy and is the first piece that I ever bought from Lulu’s. It was originally purchased for a wedding last year and I was super excited to break it out of the closet a couple weeks ago. From the front, it looks like an understated maxi dress, but the backless design kicks it up about a million notches, in my mind. To dress it up, I paired it with my current favourite statement necklace from Happiness Boutique, shoes, and clutch.

Feeling fancy @ thedemuremuse.com with Lulu's Garden Party dress
Happiness Boutique vintage flower inspired necklace
thedemuremuse.com Feeling Fancy, wedding wear outfit
outfit details:
maxi dress: Lulu’s (similar)
nude wedges: c/o Shoe Dazzle
statement necklace: c/o Happiness Boutique (exact)
clutch: Tory Burch (similar)

korbata bow tie

Just like the statement necklace, this handmade Korbata bow tie was the key piece to my friend’s outfit that I couldn’t help but snap some photos of. These amazing bow ties are hand woven by women in Guatemala who preserve the beautiful tradition of this textile craft. His bow tie also came with a cute matching pocket square (with a slightly different, but complimentary pattern) which I thought was genius! It’s the little things that make a huge difference in an outfit!

P.S. If you’re a fan of the statement necklace, Happiness Boutique is currently offering free shipping and the ability to earn free jewelry or clothing through their customer reward program.

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WEEKEND DIY: Vintage trunk coffee table

by thedemuremuse on July 3, 2015

To date, this is my favourite DIY and I am really excited to share it here today! This project has been 2 years in the making. I knew I wanted a new coffee table and envisioned the design a lot time ago, but finding the perfect trunk proved to be a lot harder than expected.

thedemuremuse.com Steampunk Coffee Table DIY

This trunk is a beaut, isn’t she? My criteria for the perfect trunk was that it had to be under $80 (this was actually quite hard, especially since antique stores with the most beautiful trunks started at $100), had all the original markings (many that I came across over the years had been repainted), and the inside didn’t smell like mothballs. Was I being too picky? Maybe. Holding out for the perfect trunk was worth the wait, though! These were photos that I snapped at Goodwill when we walked by the trunk the first time:

steampunk trunk goodwill

The most immaculate conditioned and beautifully designed piece at only $35?!? YES, I’LL TAKE IT! This trunk belonged to a senior lieutenant and is addressed from being shipped in October 1960 from California to Brooklyn. Prior to seeing this gem, I had never encountered another trunk with the shipping details stenciled directly onto the surfaces (always just a sticker), so it felt like striking gold when this was uncovered in the furniture section of the biggest Goodwill in Seattle!

Supplies for this project
vintage trunk (thrifted from Goodwill for $35)
4 x 6″ raw steel hairpin legs (bought these exact ones)
12 x 5/16″ washers
12 x M6 size screws
12 x M6 size nuts
power drill + phillip-head attachment

Keep reading for assembly instructions

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Golden hour

by thedemuremuse on July 1, 2015

What do you do when you’re in a rut, frustrated with plateauing in bike training, and your bestie down the street calls you to hang out? Put on the prettiest, most sparkly dress in your closet and twirl around in the forest at golden hour!

Faviana dress
Faviana Bling Jewelry headband
outfit details:
dress: c/o Faviana (exact)
headband: c/o Bling Jewelry (exact)


Can we talk about this dress real quick?!? Holy wow! *heart eyes emoji x 100* I gushed so hard when saw this hanging and it felt like being in a dream while twirling around in it. If you want to feel like a princess and live in a dream world, go outside as the sun is just about to set, put this dress on, and bask in the beautiful light with your blogging bestie. All of your worries will be forgotten… at least for that hour.

Back to reality: I’m not going to sugar coat it… I’ve been bummed out for the last few days. Apologies that this post is getting a little bipolar, as it’s pretty much exactly what I felt like the other night while shooting these photos. Being in dreamy, La-La-Land with Kim at the forest for an hour and then coming home to the realization that STP is only 9 days away made me panic. The Seattle heat has been insanely gnarly and it makes me so nervous for the STP ride next weekend. Not only do I feel extremely unprepared, but the thought of passing out mid-ride shakes me at least every few days.

Positive vibes for next weekend, please! :)

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Smile Brilliant update #1

by thedemuremuse on June 29, 2015

At the beginning of the month, I received a complimentary kit from Smile Brilliant to try their teeth whitening system. If you’re curious to know how this at-home kit works, I outlines the process that I had to take to have my trays made in this first post. I’ve tried whitening my teeth in the past through a procedure at the dentist’s office which was almost 1:1 to the process that Smile Brilliant offers, but stopped after a couple of treatments because of the inconvenience of having to travel to the dentist between treatments.

Here’s where my teeth started before the treatments. You can see the calcium deposits (the white spots) really well on my front teeth, but there are a few pockets of these throughout all of my teeth. They’ve been there for as long as I can remember– one of the many “perks” of teeth being allergic to fluoride ;)

Smile Brilliant before

For this whitening update, I only did my top teeth. I had originally planned on doing the tops and bottoms separately due to known teeth sensitivity from my previous treatments at the dentist, but I was also forced to only do the top teeth because I didn’t receive the trays for my bottom teeth. I actually got 2 top trays (my own, and someone else’s top teeth?) and couldn’t make a new set of bottom trays in time for this post. Usually if this shipment error happens, a new tray can be created right away and be reshipped, but since my molds were sent to me along with the trays, I will be redoing the impressions for my bottom teeth.

smilebrilliant.com desensitizing gel

Even before whitening, I used the desensitizing gel and let it sit on my teeth for 15 minutes. The desensitizing gel is necessary and really helps to prime the teeth for the whitening gel. Each of the desensitizing gel and whitening syringes are good for about 5-6 uses. As you can see below, only a small amount is needed in the trays for each treatment:

smilebrilliant.com desensitizing gel

Keep reading to see the results

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What do you wear in “real life”?

by thedemuremuse on June 26, 2015

Oh, “real life”. It’s funny because I don’t think I dress very different on the blog than I do in real life. 100% of the outfits that I wear on the blog are outfits that I wear outside the blog. There are definitely some outfits that aren’t super blog worthy (I mean, graphic tees and jeans aren’t super exciting or inspiring) and are the types of outfits you will catch me wearing when I’m actually working on writing for the blog.

outfit details:
NASA t-shirt: c/o Aeropostale (similar)
mid-rise jeans: 7 For All Mankind
booties: Hinge via Nordstrom

I’m super excited for a post that’s going to go up next week! I spent a night on a fun DIY project that involved power tools (it’s been so long!) and wore this outfit to build in.

Now I’m curious to know what your outfits are like behind the scenes of your blog!!

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