Bad luck and layering favourites

by thedemuremuse on October 5, 2015

I was so excited to start sharing photos from Iceland this week, only to have the worst thing possible happen. I lost the SD card from the trip!! In my sleep deprived and extremely jetlagged state last week, I somehow misplaced my SD card. I was editing outfit photos at 4am and thought I placed the card on the coffee table (to be later transferred back into my camera), only to have the card go MIA! I’ve been super bummed all weekend about it. Even after tearing up my entire living room space, the SD card is still missing. I’m hoping that I didn’t accidentally drop it into garbage can while binge cleaning that same morning, but chances of finding it are looking slim. :( I have a handful of photos on my phone that still need to be shared, as well as a few rolls of film to get developed, so I’ll be sharing my posts in a more trickled fashion in the next few weeks.


The only saving grace is that I managed to pull a bunch of outfit photos off of my SD card before losing it. This outfit was actually shot by Kim a week ago, before she left for her work travels. Despite how confused the Fall weather in Seattle is right now, I’ve been trying to use the cooler days to guinea pig and figure out how to layer the existing pieces in my closet for the upcoming chilly days.

pencil skirt with leather jacket
outfit details:
leather jacket: Michael Kors (similar)
Tokyo Darling parka: c/o Aeropostale (exact, on sale for 50% off)
vneck tee: c/o Aeropostale (old, from Summer 2014)
asymmetrical pencil skirt: Forever21 (similar)
Haywire booties: Seychelles (exact, on sale)

On this particular day, I was looking to figure out how to wear this parka from Aeropostale. The fabric is about the thickness of a Summer jacket, so I don’t plan on wearing it without being layered. The drapey cut is really fun to work with, so I combined it with my leather jacket to try to make an oversized outerwear look. I wanted my base layers to be more fitted to combat the oversized outer layer, so I paired my favourite pencil skirt with the leather jacket to complete the look.

As happy as this outfit makes me, I’m still frustrated with losing my SD card. *fingers crossed* Hoping that it shows up in the next few days… Otherwise, I’ll be relying on those lovely disposable cameras to relish the memories of fun terrain in Iceland!

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Iceland trip recap: Gearing up to hit the road

by thedemuremuse on October 1, 2015

Before the rest of the Iceland trip gets recapped, I wanted to share a bit of the background of how this trip came to be and how we all prepped for it. Every year, two of my closest friends from college and I will meet up somewhere for a week-long trip. This is something we’ve done together for years and are really comfortable traveling with one another (this is pretty key since vacation buddies are usually people that you’re going to be around for almost 24/7 while home away from home). On our most recent adventure, our comfort levels were tested because we really couldn’t get away from each other because this is where we spent our time together for the whole trip…


Yep! We did an Iceland campervan trip!

As we talked through our options for our goals to drive around the perimeter of the island, a campervan made the most sense. None of us are particularly outdoorsy, so pitching a tent at the end of every night didn’t seem like the best route for us. We also figured taking a bus from city to city and then trying to scramble to find accommodations (especially in the smaller towns) would put too many time pressures on our day-to-day activities, so campervan it was!

In terms of packing, we all agreed early on to not bring any suitcases. We were each limited to one backpack (this one was a popular bag among the group) that had to fit a week’s worth of clothes and toiletries, including a sleeping bag, for the trip.

For me, visiting Iceland has been on my bucket list as a trip focused around photographing the out-of-this-world landscape that is so unfamiliar to someone who grew up in North America. My priorities for packing had camera gear at the top of the list, toiletries to survive and not smell gross while stuck in a van for a week, and cute outfits at the very bottom. I pretty much dressed in my best “hobo chic” outfits, beanie and combat boots every day, and rotated through all my leggings and dress pant yoga pants.

I’m super excited to start sharing photos from the trip as I edit them over the next few weeks. To put this trip into perspective, my friends and I collectively had 17 cameras in the van with us. 10 of them were disposables cameras (mainly purchased out of nostalgia, but now I’m fascinated to see what we captured), 3 DSLRs, and 4 phones.

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Handmade sandals in the Fall

by thedemuremuse on September 29, 2015

Back to reality this week and unwinding after a super adventure in Iceland! I really can’t believe that the last week flew by as quickly as it did. Every day was pretty much an adventure in itself and I am so excited to share photos and stories from the trip as soon as I get time to edit and upload everything off my camera.

Since I pretty much left for Iceland before unpacking from the move, I am now being greeted with boxes upon boxes of unpacked things. It’s been nice to unearth some old favourites and find some new ones that were packed up minutes before the moving truck showed up.

outfit details:
cocoon sweater: Community via Aritzia (similar)
vneck t-shirt: Forever 21 (similar)
Dress Pant Yoga Pants: Betabrand (exact)
Dose of Daisies sandals: c/o ikwetta (exact)

These Dose of Daisies sandals showed up right as I was about to start boxing all of my shoes for the move. I can’t tell you how happy I’ve been about Seattle’s weather mood swings because even though it’s technically already Fall, the warmer afternoon air makes it possible to still wear these shoes! I paired them with my favourite cocoon sweater and staple Dress Pant Yoga Pants to work.

As much as I love simplicity of basic pieces, the one thing I was so attracted to about these sandals was the intricate beading on the tops. These handmade sandals help provide employment and build a community through the old-age techniques for the craft in Kenya. Not only does ikwetta showcase the beautiful beading through shoes, but they have a full line of women’s accessories that highlight the craftsmanship and techniques of these talented artists. I could not be more proud and supportive of a company whose philosophy is to empower people and build a sustainable community.

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Unplugging in Iceland 

by thedemuremuse on September 21, 2015

iceland glacier lagoons 
If you’re into chilly scenery and beanie weather, follow along on Instagram this week! A few friends and I rented a camper van and are driving around the perimeter of Iceland, exploring some of the most breathtaking spots! (I’m also being a bit of a brat and trying to get up to no good whenever there’s opportunity for it… Like pretending to steal the boat above haha)

It’ll be a bit quiet here on the blog until I’m back in Seattle, but I’ll be posting on IG as often as this spotty 2G network will allow for it!

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Impulsive decisions

by thedemuremuse on September 18, 2015

In what seems like the most ridiculously impulsive and fastest decision ever, I decided to move earlier this month. After seeing a place in a charming neighbourhood, something in me lit a fire to relocate to a different neighbourhood. I have absolutely loved where I lived for the last year and a half, but something about super residential neighbourhoods and lots of friendly neighbourhood cats seemed way more appealing than the grid-locked rush hour traffic and city conveniences. Does this mean I’m really growing into an adult now? Haha. It feels bizarre. 

blazer and cargo pants stylinghow to wear a blazer with joggers
outfit details:
blazer: H&M (old)
blouse: American Apparel (similar)
cargo joggers: H&M (similar)
caged booties: Hinge via Nordstrom
wood watch: c/o Jord 

wood watch

With all the closet purging that’s been happening in parallel to the move, I’ve realized that my colour palette is starting to level out again. The neutrals have really settled in and I feel like black, white, and olive is really becoming my go-to. Today’s outfit looks so similar to this one and this one. What can I say? I know what I like!
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