Life snippets: Toronto in a weekend

by thedemuremuse on August 19, 2014

The last few days were spent in Toronto, catching up with friends from university, celebrating one of our closest friends tying the knot, and stuffing my face with way too much good food. If you follow along on Instagram, you might recognize some of these photos already. Ines, aka Tiny Tourist, was a gracious host for part of my stay and made sure to take me to all the amazing restaurants and bubble tea shops that have popped up in the city since I moved to Seattle. (She’s the best, right?!?)

1 // the sweetest “welcome home” note and my favourite chocolate :D
2 // did I mention that she also has amazing style?
3 // Chatime– the hottest new bubble tea chain to open up shop in Toronto. Grass jelly in roasted milk black tea is on point!
4 // DIY project #3 for the weekend: matching Hello Kitty keychains. Don’t judge!

1 & 2 // Taiwanese-styled pulled pork baos from Lucky Red
3 & 4 // flower crown making (& the aftermath of being burned by a glue gun)
5 // obligatory cat photo while shopping for prints at Off The Wall
6 // Brunch at Smith: brisket hash and mascarpone with pistachio crepes

Back to real life in Seattle…

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Fancy work wear

by thedemuremuse on August 15, 2014

Hi from Toronto! Right now, I’m in a bit of a bubble tea coma, blogging in my jammies, and taking a bit of a vacation from real life. :) Here’s my last work outfit before jetting off for a weekend of wedding festivities! I thought I would follow up on the last outfit post featuring the Betabrand dress pant yoga pants since I got a few questions about how passable these are as real dress pants. I kid you not, they look legit business professional while being as comfortable as yoga pants can get. I may or may not have even worn these pants a second day in a row for the plane ride and slept in them on the flight.

outfit details:
beaded shoulder top: Lipgloss & Black
dress pant yoga pants: Betabrand (exact & 10% off with this link)
peep toe wedges: Franco Sarto (similar via
messenger brief: c/o Brenthaven (exact)
necklace: DIY by yours truly
glasses: SEE Eyewear


As a tribute to being in Toronto, here’s one of my closet favourites from Toronto. I bought this top last year from my fav Canadian sister duo, Lipgloss & Black, and have been a bit shy about wearing it because the sequined shoulders make this much louder than my usual work wear. Let’s be clear: the sparkles and sequins are the whole reason I bought this in the first place, but that still doesn’t mean it’s 100% in my comfort zone.

Hoping to sneak this top in to a few more outfits before Fall rolls around. *fingers crossed* the rest of the Seattle summer weather plays nice!

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Do redheads really have more fun?

by thedemuremuse on August 13, 2014

I’ve always had a theory but needed to test it first hand. Kidding, kidding. I have zero theories about redheads. You may or may not have noticed in the last handful of posts that there were some beautiful red streaks mixed into the usual jet black locks, which I’m super excited to share the story behind in today’s post! It’s been a little over a month since I had my hair done, but given that this was the first time I’ve ever coloured my hair, I wanted to wait it out to see if my hair was going to react any differently on day 30 from day 1 after the hair treatment before writing about it.

Back in June, I stopped by the Robert Leonard Salon for a Beauty Bootcamp event (thanks for the head’s up, Jess!) where I learned how to curl my hair (yeah… I’m a wee bit behind in the hair styling department) and ended up chatting with the amazing stylist, Diny, about the downsides of having super thick, jet black hair. Since it took a bit of time to teach my lack-of-curling-abilities self how to use a curling iron, Diny and I ended up chatting about his specialties and that’s how colouring came up.

I’ve always wanted to dye my hair (I swear there’s a wishlist to Santa back in the day asking for blue highlights) but have been scared to do it because I know I have super dark and thick hair, which is extra tricky to work with. Turns out, Diny’s sister’s hair profile is exactly like mine and so he has a ton of experience with colouring hair like mine. We talked about options and techniques for a long time before I decided to take the plunge on making it real.

Here’s where we started:


Keep reading to see the step-by-step colouring process

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Yoga pants at work

by thedemuremuse on August 11, 2014

Yep, today’s title says it all. I went there and wore yoga pants to work. One of my favourite companies, Betabrand, introduced a pair of dress pant yoga pants a few months ago and I knew I had to have them. As someone who doesn’t have time to stop at home between work and the gym (or the beach), yoga pants disguised as dress pants are the next biggest thing since sliced bread, in my mind. Not only am I comfy in these pants while looking put together at work, but not having to pack a change of clothes in my work bag was awesome!

It’s super chilly in the office (it feels almost like winter indoors with the AC cranked up on mega blast) which is why I always have a sweater on hand. It feels silly to walk around outside in the sweltering heat with it, but it wasn’t so bad on this particular night since we were on the beach while the sun was setting. Fair warning: this is the aftermath of 4 hours of sleep and a 10 hour work day.

outfit details:
boyfriend cardigan: Todd Snyder (similar)
crepe silk tunic: Leanne Marshall
yoga dress pants: Betabrand (exact, or with pockets!!)
sandals: Franco Sarto (exact via OnlineShoes)
necklace: SheInside (similar)
leather bracelet: Ken Diamond (exact)
glasses: SEE Eyewear (Spring 2014 collection)

Does this ever happen to anyone else where you tie your hair too tightly to the point your scalp hurts? This happens to me all the time and I want to rip the hair tie off as soon as I’m out of the office. Apologies, but this is what real life looks like when my hair is a wild mess, straight out of being in a bun:


Also, because I am never going to take my camera to yoga class but wanted proof of the true comfort of these pants:


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Cliff jumping into the blue

by thedemuremuse on August 6, 2014

Heights: one of the top three things I am terrified of. On the scale of 1 to 10 on the fear scale, I’d put my fear of heights at a 12. Growing up as a kid, I would freak out whenever walking within 5ft of the railings of the second (or third, or forth) floors of a mall because I was scared of flipping over the railing and breaking my neck. This was an extra weird thing to be afraid of as a 6 year old kid who could barely see over the railing… Ridiculous? Yes.

My fear of heights is still as irrational as an adult. Now that it’s physically possible to flip over the railings at the mall, my tolerance for walking (or even standing) close to one is waaaaay low.

Funny thing is, there have already been a handful of experiences where I forced myself to grow a pair, man up, and conquer my fears… even if it’s for a few seconds. A true test of this was crossing the Capilano Bridge back in 2012, but again on the trip to Eastern Washington when cliff jumping.


Even though the cliff I jumped from was only just a smidge over 10ft, it took a lot of pep talk to jump off the edge. After throwing the tube off first (which hit the rocks and landed much further to the right than I had originally planned), I stood overlooking the rocks thinking, “shoot… so, do I really have to go get that?”

Super glad that the irrational fears went away just long enough to make a full leap off the edge for this photo:


Not going to lie… now that this photo exists, I can die happy and never have to jump off another cliff.

P.S. How insanely beautiful is this water? The whole area was pretty much a dream in itself.

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