Hama Hama oyster picking

Last month, a handful of friends organized a trip to Hama Hama Oysters to do some oyster picking. Not being the biggest fan of oysters (I’ve only eaten 2 oysters raw in my entire life before going to Hama Hama… not a huge fan of raw fish) and never having shucked an oyster myself, I didn’t know how excited to get about this day trip. Not to mention, it was supposed to rain the weekend we planned to go oyster picking.

betabrand Nor'easter raincoat
outfit details:
raincoat: c/o Betabrand (exact, but sold out)
jeans: PAIGE denim (similar)
scuba hoodie: Lululemon (similar)
rain boots: Treton (similar)
beanie: H&M (men’s section)

hama hama oyster farm
hama hama oyster picking

I came fully prepped in my one and only, beloved raincoat, rain boots, and a beanie for good measure. Turns out that the weather Gods had a totally different plan for the day! We were in the warm, but windy, sunshine for majority of the time we were picking.

Hama Hama oyster picking was super easy: reaching into the ankle-height waters to look for appropriately sized oysters that weren’t clustered together. The double oysters in two photos above had to be placed back in the waters.

After about an hour of picking oysters, we moved on to digging for clams. With nothing but a hand-sized gardening trowel and our bare hands, we squirreled through moist sand to unearth some of the most delicious clams! Our final haul ended up consisting of 5 dozen oysters and 5lbs of clams.

hama hama oyster picking - shucked oysters

Let’s just say that I got pretty good with shucking oysters by the end of this trip! ;)

Spring essentials: On and off the road

One thing that work travel has taught me is to look for versatility in clothing in terms of comfort, style, and appropriateness. By far, my favourite pair of pants are Dress Pant Yoga Pants (worn here, here, and here). I own 3 pairs of these babies in black, alone! They’re the absolute best for plane to office, train to restaurant, or just passing-out-on-the-couch-after-a-long-day pants. Plus, the infinitely stretchy banded waist means that these are also sometimes my buffet pants. ;)

travel outfit ideas
outfit details:
moto jacket: Michael Kors (similar)
button down: Equipment (similar)
cropped travel pants: c/o Betabrand (exact)
Vanguard sneakers: c/o Brooks (exact)
purse: vintage Coach via Goodwill (similar options)

equipment micro striped button down
betabrand cropped travel pants

In trying to find my Spring essentials (especially considering all the travel that has been happening this season so far), I was super excited to try their new Cropped Travel Pants, which were designed with the traveler in mind. These pants are made of the softest knit and have pockets in the most convenient places. After a long bus ride, you can really see how wrinkle-free the pants stayed, especially compared to my button down! My one pain point with these pants are circumference of the openings. I had to roll the hem upwards about an inch to get a more snug fit, as the opening was a bit too big for my calves.

The outfit in this post pretty much sums of what my Spring essentials, aka travel outfits, are:

1. Moto jacket
This jacket has been a carryover from Fall to Winter and now to Spring. It has been, hands down, one of the best investments I’ve made for my closet since starting the wardrobe overhaul. I used to think that paying more than $100 for a single article of clothing was insane, but given how often I wear this jacket, how much I love the style and fit, and the fact that it pretty much goes with 90% of my closet, I think the splurge was worth it.

2. Casual button down shirts
This one is new for me. I’m a t-shirt or sweatshirt kinda gal for the most part, but there’s something so nice about a button down shirt that makes me feel like I look like I tried harder in the morning (or something like that… haha). Finding feminine but boyfriend-cut shirts has been high up on my list lately.

3. Versatile pants for all stages of the day
I’d say a good 80% (maybe more?) of my pants collection is from Betabrand. I refuse to believe that owning 5 pairs of Dress Pant Yoga Pants is a crime! They have a great selection of women’s pants that are not only super comfy, but fall into the category of versatile pants.

4. Neutral kicks
With the athleisure style movement going strong, I have to admit that I have more than 3 pairs of runners that I rotate between whenever traveling. Thankfully, I work in a pretty relaxed environment where sneakers are acceptable forms of footwear, so it has been a saving grace to be able to run off a plane to a meeting room in sneakers without having to pack an extra pair of shoes.

REVIEW: Clarins multi-active face creams (day & night)

With the weather changing and needing to rethink my skincare routine, I’m partnered today with Clarins to talk about their multi-active face creams. My skincare for the winter consisted of washing my face, applying rosehip seed oil, and then calling it good! This worked well for the Winter because of how dry my skin would get overnight and it constantly needing to feel hydrated without over-hydrating to the point of having greasy pores. What hasn’t worked well is that my skin is changing again with this much warmer-than-usual Spring weather, so I was excited to try some new products out for the new season.

Clarins multi-active face cream day and night

I received the Multi-Active Day Cream and Multi-Active Night Cream to review. After using both of these daily for the last month, I’m excited to share what I’ve learned about myself and my skin.

My skincare routine didn’t change from what it was previously. Washing my face twice a day (once in the morning, and then again before bed) and following it up with either the day or night cream. Super simple! I tried my best to avoid wearing makeup for the last month, as well, to give the most accurate review of how my skin handled the cream.

clarins multi-active day cream review

The Multi-Active Day Cream was really attractive to me on paper because of the claims to help “fight the effects of daytime stress for glowing, healthy-looking skin”. While my eye bags reached zombie-level status last month, it had nothing to do with the cream’s performance. The day cream did exactly what it said it would do, providing me with healthy-looking skin on the daily. The subtle fragrance to this cream was also a nice surprise, since most creams made for sensitive skin are usually fragrance-free. I have never been one to buy a face cream for its scent (as I usually prefer them to be odorless), but I didn’t mind this scent at all. My skin also didn’t break out or show more redness than usual, so it was a win for the day cream!

Of the two creams, the Multi-Active Night Cream was the one I was most excited to try. My skin is most misbehaving during the evening; It tends to get very sensitive and dry while I toss and turn and is brutally honest in the mornings about whether or not it’s dehydrated and/or irritated. The Clarins night cream, while lighter compared to other night creams and the rosehip seed oil I was previously using, was not as hydrating as I had hoped for it to be. It felt really nice against my skin and absorbed quickly, but then my skin felt dry in the mornings.

Even after applying quite liberal amounts of cream on some evenings, I still felt that the night cream was not as moisturizing on its own. However, when paired with the day cream, my skin felt like it was getting 24 hour coverage on the moisturizing front.

All in all, I would recommend both of these creams if you’re looking to overhaul both your day and night creams. If you’re only looking to revamp one, my personal experience would lean towards a higher recommendation to the Multi-Active Day Cream.

Disclosure: I received both of these products from Clarins in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Not-so-little LBD

Confession: these photos were taken almost a year ago. This wrap dress is something that I’ve held dearly in my closet for almost the same amount of time I’ve been hoarding these photos. I didn’t want to share these photos originally because I didn’t feel like the price tag of this piece resonated with the tone on this blog (silly internal ramblings, really) and felt compelled to share the story behind why this piece was purchased and why it continues to be part of my wardrobe today.

So, this dress. I bought it on sale, and even then, the price tag still blows anything else in my closet by at least 2x. As someone who has been pretty wallet-conscious about new additions to my closet for the last year, it seems backwards to be shouting praises to this DVF dress, but at the same time, I can’t even begin to put into words what having this dress against my skin feels like. To me, that feeling is almost priceless.

dvf black maxi dress
outfit details:
maxi dress: DVF (midi version)
purse: borrowed from BEVEE Bags
earrings: DIY by yours truly
peep toe pumps: Steve Madden (similar)

styling a maxi wrap dress for Spring

In a recent conversation with a girlfriend, we got on the topic of DVF dresses. She had just recently been convinced to buy one after her daughter commented on the look on her face after coming out of the change room to check herself out in the mirror. The way this fabric clings to all the right places and flows against all the others is magical. There’s no other piece of clothing that makes me feel as confident or sexy as this dress does.

It’s wild to think that a piece of fabric draped on my body can make me feel this way about myself, but now that I’ve experienced multiple ego-boosters wearing this number, I can’t stop singing the praises for a DVF dress to be a closet staple in every wardrobe!

Adventures in the city

I’ve been in and out of Seattle on almost a bi-weekly basis since the start of 2016, which has been both amazing and also very disorienting. As much as I love to travel and see new cities, I have a newfound appreciation for staying home and doing menial chores like laundry and washing dishes. Being able to live with my full wardrobe instead of out of a backpack is such a luxury! Whenever home, I try to spend as much time with my bike and exploring pockets of Seattle.

 seattle city biking outfits
moorea seal tassel necklace
outfit details:
t-shirt: BABATON via Aritzia (similar)
riding pants: c/o Betabrand (exact)
tassel necklace: c/o Moorea Seal (similar)
Ralph sunglasses: c/o Sunglasses Shop (exact)
peep toe booties: Kenneth Cole Reaction (exact)
purse: vintage Coach (exact in black)

betabrand biking pants moorea seal

As you can tell, dressing up on my “off days” is usually not a priority either. I like to keep it casual and comfortable, which means lots of oversized t-shirts and comfy pants. Special thank you to Betabrand for making these riding yoga pants, which are basically the biking form of their popular dress pant yoga pants. The leg cuffs have a snap loop to secure the pant leg openings from snagging on bike chain. The tush of the pants are also reinforced to avoid accidental bum-seam-rips, which is awesome. And, not to mention, there are pockets!

Since today was a pretty sunny day, I took these Ralph sunglasses along for the ride. The gradient lenses for perfect for being on the road and I cannot tell you how well they fit on my almost-non-existent nose bridge! If you’re looking for sunglasses this season, there are so many great choices of women’s sunglasses available through Sunglasses Shop.

To kick my outfit up a few notches from looking like I just rolled out of bed to looking like I put some effort in, I added the mini tassel necklace from Moorea Seal (always a good idea to have a cute necklace handy!) and a pair of peep toe booties. The question, “Do you really ride in heels?” has come up a few times and the answer is yes (shout out to last year’s caged booties on a bike post!). I don’t usually do rides longer than 10-15 mile in heels, but I do feel quite comfortable and confident wearing them while on the saddle. Basically, whatever shoes are my current go-tos means that I wear them for hours on end every day, running to catch buses or from coffee shop to coffee shop, so it feels like a natural extension to just take them on a bike ride too!

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