Weekend DIY: Donut lady

by thedemuremuse on April 18, 2014

Whew, it’s been a long time since the last Weekend DIY, hasn’t it? My friends have been throwing potluck dinners for the last couple weekends and, as a baker, I signed up for dessert duty. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at donuts, but being naturally clumsy, I’m terrified of frying them and burning my apartment down!

I found this delicious and easy recipe from Joy the Baker for half a dozen donuts. I ended up doubling the recipe to make a full dozen. Took about 30 minutes from start to finish to complete the donuts, which was awesome!

The only modification made was adding an extra teaspoon of milk to the icing. The donuts pictured above were made with the original recipe for the icing, but I found it to be a bit too thick, so thinned it out a bit.

Long story short: if you’re like me and clumsy but have always wanted to try making donuts, I highly recommend Joy’s recipe! It was super simple to follow and the donuts are DELISH!!

Happy weekend, friends! xo

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Mr. Gramps

by thedemuremuse on April 16, 2014

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed there’s a new boy in my life. Back in March, I met a sweet, 10 year old orange Birman cat with the most beautiful blue eyes and wimpiest “old man” meows ever. He had originally been adopted by a young couple from a shelter back in January and in rough shape. He was extremely malnourished and his original owners had the collar way too tight to the point where there was a bald ring around his neck and some of his skin was raw. This couple brought him home to be a companion for their 7 year old cat, who they raised as a kitten. Unfortunately, the two of them didn’t get along so well, and the couple refused to send him back to the shelter.

I had seen the posting for this beautiful cat and made an appointment to meet him. I’ve been a crazy cat lady from afar for as long as I can remember. The only thing that’s stopped me from having a cat up until now are my allergies. It’s weird because the severity of the allergies varies a lot based on the length and colour of fur of each cat. I’ve been around some friends’ cats and could cuddle them forever without any issues. I’ve also been around other friends’ cats and within minutes of petting would get hives on my arms and my tear ducts would go crazy!

Mr. Gramps
outfit details:
heart print blouse: c/o Choies (exact)
jeans: Joe’s Jeans
boyfriend watch: Vince Camuto
Ms. G glasses: Rivet & Sway (exact)

Long story short, I fell in love with Mr. Gramps (yes, this is what I’ve renamed him to) as soon as I met him. I took a week to think about adopting him and made sure to let his previous owners (the nice couple) know about my allergy issues before bringing him home. With such a cute face and sweet personality, I couldn’t say no! Plus, his wimpy meows (which sound more like meeeeehhhhh) crack me up all the time! They told me that if my allergies start acting up and Mr. Gramps and I are having issues living together to bring him back so they can find a good fit for him.

My dreams of being a crazy cat lady are finally coming true! Or at least I hope they are… *fingers crossed* that the allergies stay at bay. So far, I’ve had a few bad cases of the sniffles, but no hives. :)

Now the real question is: How does one even get anything done with such a cute face running around? GAH! He’s so adorable!

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Old fashioned fancy

by thedemuremuse on April 11, 2014

Last week, I posted about the gorgeous packaging of this lovely bow tie that I received from Zelma Rose. A handful of my friends have dressed up their day-to-day outfits with bow ties and I was super excited to try for myself. I was nervous about learning how to tie a bow tie (everyone told me it was super complicated), but after a quick 3 minute YouTube video, I was good to go!

outfit details:
blazer & shorts: H&M
lace blouse: SheInside (exact)
houndstooth tights: Gap
platform heels: Target
satchel: 3.1 Phillip Lim x Target
glasses: SEE Eyewear
bow tie: c/o Zelma Rose (exact)


I love the handmade nature of this bow tie and the fact that the pattern is based off the style of old fashioned bow ties. The casual print on cotton fabric also makes it eat to dress up or down so that it can be worn any day of the week. To be honest, I’m pretty stoked to wear it out again this weekend! It’s been a fun change of pace to switch out the usual necklace and take on a more feminine approach to a traditionally male accessory.

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Currently: April 2014

by thedemuremuse on April 9, 2014

(outtake from Weekend Wear: comfy work wear)

Loving: Springtime! The weather has been beautiful and I cannot help but get excited about all the outdoor activities to come. Sunday morning runs have been the one thing I look forward to every weekend, and I cannot wait to start biking and kayaking once it gets warmer.

Reading: The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter– and How to Make the Most of Them now. It’s no surprise that this was one of the top books on my list to read in 2014 considering how uncertain I was feeling at the very beginning of this year. As someone in my mid-twenties, I’m trying to figure out what the next step of life is. I know the big milestones I want to hit, but when and how they’re achieved is such a grey area. I look around at my friends who are married, job-hopped every year since graduating college, or have been thoroughly enjoying bachelor life and I don’t know where I fit into that picture. This book was a relate-able read given the shift in society’s image of twentysomethings. I want to dig into this topic more, so I’ll save it for a later post. :)

Watching: I’ve been on a bit of a TC binge watching kick lately. Rewatched both seasons of House of Cards, just finished Orange is the New Black, and am currently on the second season of Breaking Bad. I’m also really excited that the new season of Game of Thrones came out this weekend! I’ve been keeping the couch company in the last few weekends thanks to the pouring rain and endless amounts of unwatched shows on Netflix.

Listening to: Purity Ring’s Shuck. Purity Ring has been on high rotation for me as of late. Fineshrine was going to be my original choice for this post, but I’ve had Shuck on repeat for the last few days and did a last minute swap. Something about the ethereal sound and innocent vocals draws me in and I can’t get enough! I’ve also been listening to the Mr Little Jeans album on repeat to and from work. Both of these artists / albums = big thumbs up for this month.

Working on: Spring cleaning! It’s been a bit of a daunting task, but after months and months of telling myself I’m going to downsize my closet, I’m finally taking this task by the reigns and doing it. Last weekend’s haul to Goodwill was three bags big! Little by little, I’m seeing progress and hoping to build a solid wardrobe of basics/staples. Through the cleaning, I’ve become more aware of how many pieces I’ve bought in the past that have been one-off wears or can only be paired with one other specific item in the closet and I’m hoping to avoid doing that moving forward.

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Spring cleaning

by thedemuremuse on April 7, 2014

Happy Spring!

I wore this outfit on the weekend while cleaning out my closet. It’s pretty embarrassing to admit how much I’ve accumulated since living in my current apartment. I never realized how much closet overflow was happening until I tried to hang every garment in my closet (I usually keep the most recently washed load of laundry folded in a basket in the corner of my room) and ran out of hangers before finishing with the pile of clothes. Yikes!

outfit details:
blouse: H&M
boyfriend jeans: Joe’s (similar)
necklace: DIY by me
ankle booties: Clarks (exact)
Fikay weekender bag: c/o Surfdome
glasses: c/o SEE Eyewear
watch: Anne Klein


These photos were taken after a trip to the local Goodwill. This weekender was perfect for toting a small load of clothes and shoes for donation.

There’s still a long ways to go with the cleaning, but I’m excited to see progress! Is anyone else on a spring cleaning kick this season?

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