Lies Lies Lies

I can’t say that I love museums, seeing as how I’ve only ever visited three in my lifetime (ROM, Louvre, and now the SAM), but I really enjoyed myself when I was looking through all the art. I only visited the first two floors of the Seattle Art Museum, but I’m hoping to make another trip back to see the Kurt Cobain and Andy Warhol exhibits soon.


In the kids activity area, there were a bunch of cartoonized Andy and Kurt colouring pages and a bucket of pencil crayons and markers. Of course, the 5 year old in me insisted on spending ten minutes making some “art”:

Colour Colour Colour!

So proud of my artwork

While wandering around downtown, I also managed to check out the Olympic Sculpture Park. All of the sculptures were decently spread apart over a decent size of nicely landscaped space. There were a couple of these signs hanging around the pieces to avoid corrosion of the materials that the sculptures are made from. Sadly, people still touched the art.

Don't Touch!

My favourite “sight” of the sculpture park was actually the building where the gift shop was located. There was this huge wall that looked like a big cork board and had this piece posted on it:

Lies lies liesTo be entirely honest with you, I had no idea what the giant cork board represented. A lot of the “posts” on the board had a dark interpretation and made me feel like the piece as a whole was trying to say that the idea of design is skewed by what’s accepted by society. Or something like that… I think.

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