Motomachi Shokudo

I recently traveled back to Canadaland (Vancouver, to be specific) to revisit old places I fell in love with when I used to live there. Vancouver is well known for their Japanese food, specifically sushi, and I can’t say no to ramen! I’m actually a huge fan of instant noodles of all sorts, but freshly prepared ramen in a kitchen prepared soup (versus a prepackaged, MSG-filled soup base) will never be a meal in my life that I refuse.

Although I’ve never been to Motomachi Shokudo before, I was drawn to eating there after seeing the super cute decor in the petite space coupled with the sweet presentation of food.

Thanks to my not-so-adventurous palette for spicy foods, I went with a traditional bowl of (original) ramen:

Original Ramen

Another great option is the ramen in blackened charcoal broth:

charcoal broth ramen

Just to show you the presentation of the dishes, here’s what mine looked like. Each bowl of ramen came with a different flower on the side:

Pretty Flowers

Needless to say, after less than an hour of inhaling large bowls of ramen, I think it’s safe to say everyone was more than satisfied with lunch. Empty bowls are a good sign, right?

No more ramen!

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  • Deb

    Found you!! :) The new blog looks fab, great job *hugs* I am sad that I cannot go on these adventures with you!

  • thedemuremuse

    Hi Deb!! aww, i’m sad we can’t restaurant hop together either… I’d be your #1 sidekick for trying out new food places!

  • If I hadn’t had a buttload of sushi tonight, I would be seriously hungry.

  • Deb

    And we’d have so much fun! I made a list of all the places I wanted to eat at last summer and I’m going to make a new one this summer as I’ve done about half the list and I’m ready for some new inspiration :) Richard has a list of activities, I have a list of food stuffs. We compliment each other ^_^

    I take pics faster than I can scrap but I am damn proud of the work I’ve done thus far ^_^