Nostalgia Strikes

Do you get the feeling that after a few years of not seeing someone you can effortlessly pick up exactly where you left off? It’s almost as if things have never changed!

I experienced this over the weekend when I reconnected with a couple of friends that I met in Vancouver a few years ago. We kept in touch intermittently throughout the years (usually quick “happy birthday” emails or notifications of change in addresses) but no essay-long messages. I’m not going to lie; the whole “trip” – if you can even call it one – was planned within less than a day. The only concrete plan was that I was going to drive up from Washington. All the weekend activities would be decided on the fly.

Normally, something like this would bother me. Not the fact that the trip was hacked together in less than 24 hours, but the fact that the itinerary for the weekend was unknown. I like knowing ahead of schedule, usually at least three days in advance, what I’m going to be doing. I’ve been a planner and schedule-maker since as long as I can remember and I know this trait can be a bit annoying to others who like to live more spontaneous lives. Let it be known that I tried to be spontaneous this weekend! haha or as spontaneous as I think I will ever really allow myself to be.

Caffe Artigiano - cappuccino

It was such a nice getaway from the usual sights, smells, and sounds of Seattle. Not to mention, I shared some of the most  incredible laughs, cries, and smiles with the same people who taught me so much about myself as a person years ago. The most refreshing part of the weekend was being able to get a new perspective on my life while exchanging stories with old friends.

Sometimes I forget to appreciate the simple things in life. This weekend taught me to smile more, laugh until my stomach hurts, and that it’s okay revisit the feelings in the past that helped ¬†to shape who I am today. Oh, and also to read a good book every now and then (I’m starting with The Alchemist)!

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  • Deb

    I know how you feel :) Me and a bunch of elementary school friends got together back in 2006 after not seeing one another in 11 years and it was wonderful ^_^ And yes, being a bookworm is one of the most pleasant things ever, hee. I’m afraid my bookshelf is going to have an avalanche one of these days, I’ve been adding new ones to the collection.

    P.S. I love the pic! And WHEN ARE YOU COMING BACK? :)

  • i love being able to catch up with people!
    especially when you still click after not
    seeing each other for a long time.

    lol, i’m the opposite when it comes to planning
    and would probably drive you crazy–i come up
    with plans last minute and like figuring things
    out as i go along.

    your spontaneous weekend with old friends
    sounds amazing!!