Richmond Night Market

Living in Seattle has taught me a lot. The most prominent thing being that I love Chinese food a lot more than I knew. I’ve been pining for some authentic Chinese cuisine for a few weeks and finally indulged while in Vancouver. Not to say that there aren’t great Chinese food places in Seattle; I’m sure they exist, but they’re hard to come by (or maybe I’m just not looking hard enough?).

Every summer, there’s a night market held in Richmond, BC where there are rows and rows of food vendors selling delicious eats that are extremely wallet friendly. Along with food, there are a bunch of local businesses who sell everything from imported lingerie to bubble guns to LED license plate covers. You name it, there’s probably a booth selling it!

Being the type of person who constantly has the munchies, I started off with the food stalls. First off, I was intrigued by these mini fruit rolls that were crafted outside the booth. I had a sample of the apple pie roll, which was basically diced apple slices wrapped in spring roll paper and deep fried. Holy wow, I could probably eat these all day!

fruit rolls

Of course, being a little deprived of bubble tea, I had to hit up a bubble tea stand. There were probably three or four stands next to one another competing for customers. Every stand sold their drinks for $4 so it was a matter of flavor varieties that sealed the deal. I ended up with a plain Jasmine green tea with tapioca. Go figure, I have a love for quite the bland food palette so Jasmine tea seemed fitting.

jasmine bubble team

After an hour of shopping around food stalls, I was quite spent. Not only was it extremely hot on the night that I visited the night market, but there were huge crowds of people in every aisle that made it almost impossible to leave without wearing someone else’s sweat. Gross, I know.

busy food booths

crowded streets

After my case of the munchies were satiated, we check out all the stalls selling imported goods. I ended up finding the perfect winter accessory: a polar bear hat with attached paw mittens! Sadly, this hat was clearly made for children and my arms were too long to wear the mittens correctly. : ( If there was an adult-sized hat in the form of a panda or a moose, I’d be all over it!

polar bear hat

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