McDonald’s: Korean Style!

Hi. My name is Katrina and I am a McDonald’s addict. I got off the plane in Seoul and sprinted to the McDonald’s in the airport as soon as I picked up my baggage from the carousel. Yes, my first meal in Korea was actually a Bulgogi Burger. There. Are you happy I came clean about my McDonald’s obsession? haha (You better believe that I went to McDonald’s in every country and sampled as many new menu items as I could!)

Korean McD's: Shanghai Spice Chicken & Bulgogi burger

Korean McD's: Bulgogi burger

So, the Bulgogi Burger. Where do I start with this one? If you’ve ever had bulgogi, you’ll know that the marinade for this meat is absolutely, mouth-watering deliciousness. Imagine this level of yumminess slathered all over a burger patty and you get the Bulgogi Burger! My only complaint is that my first burger had way too much mayo on it (there was less mayo in it the second time around) and I ended up scraping a bunch of it off with a napkin, but it was still really good! Just looking at this burger makes me wish I could have another one. Right now.

Korean McD's: Shanghai Spice Chicken

My friend – and resident McD’s partner in crime – tried the Shanghai Spice Chicken Burger. She said it wasn’t all that spicy (but then again, this is the girl who puts Sriracha sauce on everything, so I never trust her when she says something isn’t spicy) and tasted a lot like a regular McChicken Burger. I’ll never know. I wasn’t gusty enough to try it myself.

Last of the bunch is a Big Mac. I know, I know. Nothing insanely special when it comes to a Big Mac for Canadian vs Korean McDonald’s, right? That’s what I thought… until I saw the packaging.

Korean McD's: Big Mac

Korean McD's: Big Mac

My first reaction was, “WHERE IS THE BOX? AND WHERE DO I PUT MY FRIES?!” As the burger was unwrapped, I realized how genius the entire concept of the burger ring holder is! Instead of getting a Big Mac with a salad on the side (which is usually what happens in North America when I get a Big Mac. The lettuce is everywhere in the box except for in the burger), the burger is neatly packed up. I don’t even know how long I stared at this packaging for and marveled in its smart design.

Kudos McDonald’s.

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  • J

    Thanks so much for dropping by :) and im also a mcd addict! omg lols a bulgogi burger!! sounds delicious. I love the international menu of maccy d’s! I heard in india theres a chicken maharaja burger! hohoho.

  • That burger ring is genius, and it must have been fun to visit a Mcdonalds in another country.

  • I LOVE MCDONALDS. i’m glad you are an addict. I wish i could be healthy but i can’t give this up.
    ALSO/ BULGOGI BURGER. if only for this, I need to go to Korea. :D

  • I like to consider myself a foodie, but I still love McDonald’s :D I don’t think I ever stopped in one when I was in Korea, though, and it’s too bad, because that bulgogi burger sounds intense! We try not to eat there very often now, but I still need to get my fries + ice cream fix every once in a while!

  • I love the hangul here and there at the packaging!(:

    Dreamy Princess

  • Omg! The Big Mac ring is genius maybe in about 10 years it’ll make it’s way to Canada. So funny I love visiting McDonalds in other countries The McCafe in Paris had the chicest fries of my life !

  • Deb

    I love how McD’s has regional specific food :D So awesome that you went to one in each country you visited. My friend went to Moncton, New Brunswick last spring and they had lobster stuff there! Oh, and I really like how they’ve come out with snack size McFlurries now, yaaay.

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  • Like Deb, I also love the regional specific food! I think I’ve been to McDonald’s in every country I’ve been to!

  • I too, love McDonalds. I usually try to hide slash lie to myself to avoid eating it as often as I like but when you get down to it, McDonalds is the reason I won’t become a vegetarian. I had only thought about the differences in portion sizes between countries and never the regional offerings – you have inspired me to check McDonaldss out when I’m traveling!

  • Burger ring = genius.

  • I love McDonald’s! I try to stay away…. BUT I always find my way back! lol
    That burger ring is genius! So smart!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!
    You’ve been entered in the giveaway! :)

    XOXOX Abegail

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