Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok

Much like the street markets in Hong Kong, Bangkok had its own area dedicated to tightly packed shops with people hustling and bustling over the weekends. We managed to be in Bangkok for just the perfect amount of time, leaving all the shopping for the last day in the city.

iced tea

fried chip stick?

Since a lot of the shops selling actual merchandise didn’t allow photos to be taken, you get to all enjoy the recap of food that we had at the market instead! There were a bunch of restaurants and street food, which made it hard to decide where and what to eat. We ended up picking a restaurant with a huge assortment of Thai foods and drinks. Above we have some Thai iced tea and a deep-fried shrimp chip stick (I think?) that came on the side of ground pork fried rice (below).

ground pork

red curry

salad bowl

What I loved the most was the presentation of the food. Above there is some red curry with a side of spicy vermicelli, and a seafood salad that was plated in a bowl carved from a pumpkin or squash! Quite crafty, to say the least! Speaking of crafts, we hit the jackpot at the market…

handmade goodies

There was this one section of the Chatuchak market dedicated to handmade stuff! My friends and I ended up going a little crazy and buying a bunch of these keychains made from recycled plastics and metals. I also splurged on a couple of silkscreened t-shirts, which I’ll show you tomorrow. FYI: They’re a little on the nerdy side. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Hope you all had an amazing Friday!!

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  • That food looks amazing, my mouth is watering! You totally got me back for the espresso cookies :)

    I love these posts about your trip, it’s so fun to read along. I cannot wait to see your tees!

  • you had me with the food.
    so yummy. i need to travel with you now. so many awesome places.

  • Deb

    I heart this so big. Presentation makes my heart palpitate ahhh. And the orchid in the iced tea? I die. I need to start putting flowers in my drinks so it’ll look just as pretty :D