Wishlist Wednesday: hi-low skirts


one. if a coral pink palette isn’t sweet enough, check out the detailing on the waist! $52.00 from LuLu*s
two. yes, I am a sucker for all things polka dotted. this is no exception. $19.80 from Forever 21
three. chevrons + hi-low cut = dream skirt come true! (darnit for being sold out!) $52.99 from ModCloth

Confession time: I stinkin’ loooooove these skirts! They’re the perfect just-above-the-knee cut in the font and I don’t have to worry about too much leg in the back when picking up my phone (that I seem to drop every 10 minutes). Can’t say I’m a huge fan of patterned bottoms, but there’s something about designs on hi-low skirt that makes me want to own every single one in every colour combination possible!

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  • i just got one from UO!! love it!! :D

  • ZombieDogs

    I just bought a skirt like this last week. I love it!

  • TJ

    absolutely love it!!! i actually just took some photo lookbook shots for the blog in that forever 21 skirt. i like to call it the mullet skirt ;)
    and i’m a little bit more than upset that the modcloth hi-low skirt is out of stock. GORGEOUS!
    xo TJ

  • I’m smitten with the coral one! I think it’s coral or mint for me! And you’re right, being able to bend over and pick all the things my clumsy self dropped, without worrying about an awkward situation, would be amazing!