Coachella 2012: Road trip recap – Part 1

by thedemuremuse on April 24, 2012

WHOA NELLYYYYYY! I’m in a bit of a delirious state right now from the sudden adrenaline kick and lack of sleep this weekend. I can’t even put into words how amazing the last four days have been. Thursday morning was spent scrambling to pack because, well, I was too busy prepping my dance moves for The Hives earlier in the week. Truth be told, I completely forgot to bring my spring/summer clothes from Toronto when I went home for the winter holidays. I didn’t even buy shorts until Monday of last week. If you think that was last minute, I didn’t buy sun screen until Wednesday night… whoops! (Sunscreen is not something I would ever even think about using here in rainy Seattle.)

Coachella: Road Trip

The plan for the trip was for my two bffs and I to meet up in LA and drive to Palm Springs. Thanks to some time zone differences and Thursday being a work day, I ended up road tripping with only one of the bffs since the other one was going to work late and fly in even later (read: showed up in Palm Springs around 2am).

We picked up the car from the airport and hit the road. For some reason whenever I rent a car with this one friend, we always get stuck with a boat (last time I had to drive a Chevy Impala in the crazy July 4th traffic in downtown Chinatown in San Fran… ugh!!). This time was no different. We ended up with a Crown Victoria, slowly moseying along in the worst rush hour traffic I have ever seen. Random fact: Did you know that there’s a sweet seat for a third person between the driver and the passenger? What a throwback to the 80s… If only we had our third friend met up with us in LA (definitely would’ve made her sit in the middle haha)!

What was supposed to be a three hour drive turned out to be just over five hours!! Well, to be fair, we made a couple of pit stops, including a stop to my favourite Cali burger place, In-N-Out. (Yes, I animal styled my burger and took my vanilla shake for the road!) We also made a pit stop to Target to pick up some chips and beer for inevitable munchies and girly chats after the late snows.

Coachella: Road Trip

I found out the next morning that DSLRs weren’t allowed at Coachella, which left me with only my Instax camera. Never have I felt so naked without my camera. :( I’ll have the recap of the 3 days at Coachella up sometime later this week, but you’ll have to forgive me for the cell phone pics.

Coachella: Road Trip

Until then, here’s a little sneak peek of the trip through this stack of Instax photos:

Coachella: Road Trip
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