[Guest Post] Kait’s favourite summer outfit!

I’m super excited to have Kait over on the blog today to share her favourite summer outfit. She’s such a sweetheart and I absolutely love how caring and passionate she is about raising her two little ones, Teagan and Arlo. Head on over to her blog to say hi!
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Hello there! My name is Kait, I am the wife of an amazing man, and the mother of two amazing boys. I blog at Kait’s Life.

Teagan is a brilliant, wonderful, caring, and loving two year old (he also routinely scares the pants off of me. This kid has no fear). Arlo, who is my 8 month old little tough guy, is a chunky monkey who loves to get into anything and everything. He is also a cleft lip and palate baby.

Right now, this is my absolute favourite outfit. It is casual, easy to dress up, easy to play in, and most important for me, easy to wash! That’s what happens when you are a mama to boys, everything must be easy to wash! I’m going to be honest: skirts/dresses aren’t really my thing, but I saw this one at the store and I couldn’t leave it. The tiny flowers filled my heart with happiness, and it’s BLUE, I love blue.

Left:Sir Chunkster and I // Right: Floral print & shoes

outfit details:
Headband: MuchLoveIlly
Watch: Latasia
Shirt & skirt: H&M
Bandaid: Stars promo bandaid
Shoes: George

The shoes are a favourite of mine, except they have zero support, but they’re cute right? Funny story, I bought them on the way for Arlos’ cleft lip surgery. I was wearing my winter boots (it was in January) and we got to the city where the surgery was happening and I realized I forgot my shoes! So I bought these ones. For $15, it was awesome.

A chubby baby is the best “accessory” ever!

I love this headband. Go BUY ONE NOW! Or two.

The t-shirt was also one of those purchases where I wish I would have bought 10. (I bought 2) They are comfy (also a must, when chasing after toddlers/babies) and it is oh so soft. I love it big time.

The headband is what my dreams are made of, I bought 2, the “cranberry kisses” one, and the “golden rod poppy garland” one. I am already planning my summer outfits around them.

Thank you Katrina for having me over today!

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