Geekery: Jump From Paper 2D bags

Be still, my little heart!

Sometimes I wish I lived in a video game (that would totally help to justify why I have 8-bit Hello Kitty printed PJs) because all the clothes and character details are so ridiculous– in a good way! You have no idea how badly I freaked out when I first saw the bags made by Jump From Paper. This bag company has captured the heart of my inner geek and I’m swooning hard for a bag in every style.

1. Play Hooky messenger bag – $99 | 2. Travel Fever (special Japan edition) – ¥7,980 ($100)

The design and style of these bags gives the illusion of living in a 2-dimensional world. Who doesn’t want to live in a real-life cartoon?

Of the bunch, my favourite one is the Travel Fever bag. Sadly, it looks like this style was made as a limited edition for sale in only Taiwan and Japan. Le sigh.

What do you think of these bags? Would you feel like a real-life video game character toting one of these around?

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  • I love these bags! I first saw them on Pinterest and thought they were photoshopped. haha, I really want one!

  • AnnGMorrone
  • I love those! Too bad they don’t sell them here :(

  • It looks unreal but so fun. Definitely a conversation piece, for sure!

  • I love these things!! it’s so hard to wrap my head around how they’d look IRL though [not in a bad way – just a physics way]… I would definitely have to see them in person!

  • I have seen pictures of these before, and I always catch myself staring at them for minutes at a time trying to figure out how they can be, and if they are real or just a crazily good photoshop thing. I want one. badly.

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