DIY nail stickers: gingham [aka grid paper]

I’ve become a little a lot obsessed with nail art lately. It just so happens to be that time of year when I want to wear all the spring colours on my fingers tips, all at the same time! Instead of spending $15 on a set of nail stickers, here’s a quick and budget-friendly way to make your own fun designs.
You’ll need:
2 colurs of nail polish – pick your fav contrasting pair!
(I used wet n wild megalast Sugar Coat for the base, and Candy-licious for the accent)
invisible tape
pair of scissors
top coat

Being an applied science major, I’ve always had a soft spot for graph paper. I think it’s pretty in all of its rigid grid-like glory (nerdy much?). This is the look we’re going for:


I started off by painting a single coat on a strip of tape. I was ok with a slightly streaky/less opaque finish since these strips were ultimately going to be layered on my nail. While waiting for the polish on the tape to dry, I gave my nails two coats of a base colour.


Next is the fun part! Cut the painted tape into little strips. These will be used for making the gingham pattern on your nails. Before moving on to the next step, make sure your base coat is fully dry (I usually wait about an hour, just to be safe).

The great thing about using tape is that if you accidentally lay a strip down crookedly on your nail (which I managed to do a handful of times), you can easily peel it off! Trim the ends of the strips just slightly shorter than the length of your nail and press down firmly on your nail.


Seal the design with top coat and you’re done!


I got a rebellious and did a simple striped pattern on my other hand. :) Let me know if you tried out this tutorial!
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  • this is pretty nifty. i will try this when my nails are a bit longer again (just filed them all down)

  • This is the coolest thing EVER. The pink grid looks adorable!

  • This is such an awesome idea!!! I love how it came out.

  • oh i love how they turned out! i have yet to try this method,
    but it’s super cute! <3

  • What a brilliant idea! I always shy away from nail art because as a righty my right hand always ends up a mess. I will definitely give this a try! The gingham is unique and cute!