Currently: July 2012

Walking along a 7ft edge on the day this outfit was shot

Loving: The three newest additions to my home– miniature cacti! While my friend was dropping off film to get developed at Walgreens, I found these cute little plants for $2 each and knew I couldn’t leave without one. Of course I didn’t want a single, lonely cactus, so I bought three. I may or may not have also convinced my friend to get a few for herself. ;)

Reading: Brandwashed by Martin Lindstrom. I’ve been reading this book on-and-off since November 2011. Makes me feel like such a sucker for marketing ploys!

Watching: The Bachelorette. I know, I know… I just can’t help myself! So much drama.

Anticipating: Wedding season! It seems like 2012 is the year all my friends are getting married. 3 weddings in the span of 5 weeks. Craziness!

Listening to: Beach House’s Bloom album. I can’t wait to see them play in October! I still remember the first time I ever heard any of their songs (Better Times was the track that made me fall in love).

Planning: This week’s schedule of Barre classes. I recently signed up for an unlimited month of Barre, which is a ballet/yoga/pilates class. It’s a 60 minute class built on ballet foundations (you use a ballet barre) incorporating yoga and pilates practices into barre workouts. The goal is to go to 5 classes a week for a month. I bought my pass towards the end of the first week in July and have been to 3 classes so far. My thighs feel like they’re on fiiiiire every time I walk down a flight of stairs. haha!

Working on: Photographing new jewelry. It’s been a while since I’ve posted new designs to Etsy and I’ve recently been bitten by the biggest surge of inspiration which means there are a ton of new necklaces sitting on my coffee table. If only writing up descriptions were as fun as making and photographing the necklaces…

Wishing: The dishes in the sink would magically walk themselves into the dishwasher.

Thanks to Kristine for inspiring me to do this post! I might try to do this at least once a month. :)

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  • I’m watching the Bachelorette too… not proud of it, but I am… she didn’t give Ari the key! Has that ever happened before?! Can’t wait to see your new jewelry! Where are you in this photo? Lincoln Park?

    • I don’t think any Bachelor/Bachelorette hasn’t given out a key. So strange! I’m Team Jef all the way. Who are you rooting for?

      The photo was taken near Alki Beach. I actually climbed down a few of the side rocks to get to this ledge. It was pretty scary to be walking on a super narrow path with a 7ft drop to the water but the view was so pretty!

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  • officially ripping this off you. :) Such a lovely prompt!