Naya Cross Country Style Challenge: Seattle rep!

So you know those Naya wedges that I keep wearing almost every day because they’re so comfy and the most perfect shade of yellow? Surprise, surprise, I wore them again!

I originally received them to take part in the Naya Cross Country Style Challenge and was asked to represent my fellow Seattlites in this contest (We’re up against some fierce competition from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Washington, DC). As an incentive for voting, every voter will be entered in a daily giveaway for a pair of Naya shoes!

Since this style challenge was about representing the style in your city, I thought it would be fitting to shoot in Post Alley. Post Alley is a section of the Pike Place Market that embodies a lot of Seattle’s history and is one of the tourist attraction of the city.


Side note: I get suuuuper nervous whenever there are random people passing by and my photo is being taken. There must’ve been 1 good photo for every 20 photos taken where I’m making a very awkward/shy/omg-I-want-to-curl-in-a-ball-and-hide face considering the number of people that were outside on this sunny day!

outfit details:
t-shirt: H&M
skirt: Mango
bib necklace: gift from Syl and Sam
glasses: Derek Cardigan 7010 in smoke
wedges: c/o Naya Shoes


I hope I was able to do Seattle proud! I absolutely loved playing tourist in my own city and getting another chance to wear these wedges out.

If you like Naya’s shoes, you can win a pair just by casting your vote for your favourite blogger on the Naya Cross Country Style Challenge facebook page. Naya will be giving away a pair of shoes each day from now until July 20 to someone who places a vote! Of course I would love it if you support me in this contest too! Get your vote in to win a pair of these shoes. I absolutely love mine and am sure you will too!

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  • Your photos came out great! I think your smile looks natural rather than being too “posed”.

    • Thanks so much, Mindy! I was pretty much laughing the whole time so these were the more “serious” faces :)

  • Omg! I love, love, LOVE this!!!
    and that skirt! and the colors! just everything.
    totally voting for you. good luck!

    (and I hate taking photos in public too.
    super awkward. mostly why i take a lot
    of my outfit shots at home!)

    • YAY!! Thanks so much for voting, Erica. ♥

      It’s so hard for me to take photos at home because my windows don’t seem to let a whole ton of light in.

  • kristian satterlee

    1) The title of your blog is so great. Just love it.

    2) Those shoes rock! Actually, the whole outfit just jives well. Even though everything is different colors, they all fit together.

    3) Taking outfit pictures with people around IS awkward. But these shots look great, so glad you carried on anyway.

    • Thanks so much, Kristian!! You’re too sweet. I still admire you so much for taking your photos in front of that restaurant with all those people. I don’t know how you do it. :)

  • Chelsea Francis

    That skirt is gorgeous! Love the way you styled it!

  • you look AWESOME!!!

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