Two-tone cupcakes

These cupcakes may or may not have been made for Canada Day, but you can change up the colours and make them for any occasion. The best part is watching people’s reaction when they bite into the cupcake. I guess no one ever suspects a pop of colour on the inside!


I used a box mix for these cupcakes. After mixing all the ingredients together, split 1/3 of the batter into a smaller bowl and add food colouring. Mix until you have an even, consistent colour.


Add 2 tablespoons of the base colour to the cupcake holders. Be sure to level out the batter.


Add 2 teaspoons of the filling colour. Try not to get any on the sides of the holders to better hide the colour surprise!


Using the base colour, add 2 more tablespoons to the holder. Make sure to even out the batter at the top and cover the sides to hide the colour in the middle.


Pop these in the oven for as long as you need to. When they’re done, let them cool completely before decorating. I left them for about an hour.


Top with your favourite icing (I used cream cheese frosting… Mmmm) and decorate to your heart’s desire!


Happy Friday!! Let me know if you get a chance to try this out over the weekend. I’d love to see your version of the cupcakes!

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  • jessica moore

    these are so cute :D

  • Classic Bubbly

    I love these, I want to try and make my own! I just came across your blog, another Canadian!!! yay! happy weekend!


  • These look absolutely delicious!!

  • Yum!!! Cute and delicious!!

  • Saumaya

    SO AWESOME! I was lucky enough to try them!

  • kristian satterlee

    mmm! Now I’m craving cupcakes!

  • YUM!! these look delish!! i want some cupcakes now!!!

  • these look absolutely amazing! i need to try them :)

  • Em K

    This is such a brilliant idea! I’ve bookmarked this recipe for next year :)


  • I love this, the two contrasting colors make it so much more appealing!! Very cute idea :)