Bunnies, pandas, and ice cream sammiches

Summertime is my favourite time. Why? Because the sunshine gives me the best excuse to pair my hi-low skirts with my favuorite shoes (which are not very rain-friendly). These shoes just so happen to have bunny faces on them. shifty eyes. Ok, so I may or may not have a closet filled with critters printed on all my t-shirts, but hey! Who’s judging, right? We all have our vices. Some of us just wear them on our sleeves or shoulders… or feet… along with a panda purse.

outfit details:
skirt: Forever 21
shirt: Bluenotes
belt: Urban Behaviour
bunny flats: Le Bunny Bleu

I ended up dancing my way over to a friend’s place in this animal adorned get-up on an important mission. I just bought an ice cream sandwich baking tray and wanted a partner in crime to help me try it out. Lucky for us we had a housewarming to go to later on in the day which was the perfect excuse for an afternoon of baking! (Excuse the Canadian flags… decorations from our Canada Day party hehe.)

Not only were the ice cream sandwiches super easy to make (yay for sandwich recipe on the packaging!), but they were a huge hit later on that evening. We made just over a dozen chocolate sandwiches with french vanilla ice cream. YUMMY! Can’t wait to make more soon. :D


p.s. There’s one more day left to cast your vote in the Naya Shoe Style Challenge on facebook. I would absolutely LOOOOVE your support in this contest! Since July 10, Naya has graciously given away a pair of Palomi Sandals to one lucky voter every day of the contest. At least two of my readers have won so far and you could be the lucky winner of the last pair (contest closes July 20)! Every vote counts and I cannot tell you how grateful I have been for everyone who has voted so far. *fingers crossed* for the winner announcement tomorrow!!
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  • I love that skirt. I just ordered a dress with a similar print from Forever21 last night.


  • this is such a fun look. I love the asymmetrical hem of the skirt!

  • kristian satterlee

    Those shoes are the CUTEST things ever! Where on earth did you get them?

    Actually, I adore the whole outfit and am impressed with your baking skills.

  • super cute skirt girl! and those flats are fab!!

  • Muchloveilly

    that ice cream sandwich looks TOO good! i need one now! and your skirt – totally love that hem, so much fun!

  • Sammy Blackwood

    eep! could your outfit be any more adorable? didn’t think so! :)

    xo, samantha

  • THOSE LOOK SO GOOD!!! I wish I were your friend who could help you make the ice cream sandwiches… and then eat the ice cream sandwiches!!!

    Also, I love your outfit and your skirts especially! You always find the best things at forever 21

    • If we lived closer, I’m pretty sure I would call you ALL THE TIME to make ice cream sandwiches, go shopping, and attend concerts. Seriously, why don’t we live closer?!?

      Forever 21 is always a jungle to shop in. I only look at the polka dot items which is the only way I’ve been able to stay sane in their stores!

  • I love that skirt! It’s so natural and flowy. LOVE IT. Not sure the shoes are my personal style, but they are still adorable, and I think you can definitely pull them off. They are unique; and that I can definitely appreciate! And the ice cream sandwiches? YUM. I made some homemade popsicles a couple of weeks ago, and they were utterly delicious and wonderful. Definitely needed with all these heat. Have a great weekend!

  • that panda purse…is so so cute! do you mind me asking where you got them? :)
    this outfit is completely adorable – the skirt’s color is so pretty! and that ice cream sandwich…nom!
    ♥ xixia | thisisxixia.com

    • I wish I could remember where I got the panda purse from. I bought it somewhere online a while back but haven’t been able to find the shop again (I tried searching for the last few days hoping to find the link for you but couldn’t… sorry!!).

      • Katrina, thank you so much for responding and looking anyways! That was really nice of you. (:
        ♥ xixia | thisisxixia.com

  • ahhh!! the bunny flats. those are my favorite
    out of the ones i bought (i hardly even wear the
    others! oops).

    happy canada day! ^_^ those ice cream sandwiches look yummy.