Last month, Wacoal invited a bunch of local bloggers to check out the new spring/summer line, have some wine, and get fitted. Having never been professionally fitted for a bra before (gasp!), I was pretty nervous going into this. I’m one of those people that take a million and one different sizes into a change room with me hoping that one of them sort of fits because I’m too shy to have another person in the room with me helping to fiddle around with sizing.


Luckily, there were a handful of super sweet bloggers (hi Lindsay, Bella, and Jenny!) ahead of me for the fitting so I was able to mingle and calm my nerves.


Nancy worked with me during my fitting. I confessed and told her that I had never been fitted before and she was extremely sweet and understanding. She brought a couple different styles and sizes into the room and left me to try them on. When she came back, she asked me what I liked and didn’t like about each one– everything from the shape of the cups, to the tightness of the band, to the frills or lack thereof.

outfit details:
lace dress: Forever 21
cardigan: street markets of Korea
bow flats: Target


The fitting was such a painless experience that I felt a little silly for not having been fitted sooner. I guess this means I won’t have to dread bra shopping anymore! :) A huge thank you to Wacoal for hosting such an amazing event and helping me to get over my fears of fittings!
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  • Ahh, your lace dress is absolutely adorable! Such a great find at Forever 21! (:
    And hahah, that’s awesome that the fitting went well! I also have never been professionally fit, but now I think I know what my size would be anyways. ^^
    ♥ xixia | thisisxixia.com

  • I used to work for a popular lingerie store and trust me, you are not alone in being nervous about a fitting. I hope you were satisfied with the end result. It is so nice to know you are wearing the correct size.


  • ahhh, i’ve only had a bra fitting done once (victoria’s secret!)
    and it was just awkward. so i never did it again (although, i probably
    should?). ahh well. the wacoal stylist that helped you sounds like she
    did a more thorough fitting because only some of the bras at VS fit
    me ideally. like, shouldn’t the fit be more consistent? wah.

    this looks like a fun event! i like frilly underthings, but probably
    wouldn’t want to talk about them with a bunch of other people lol.

    • i have been the most afraid to get fitted at VS! I don’t know why, but it’s just so intimidating. Plus, I am super shy to talk about my feelings about how bras fit and how the fit makes me feel. :(

      The consistency of fits also bothers me! I just want to know a size and know that no matter what style I buy of that size, it’s going to fit.

  • kristian satterlee

    Bra fittings always make me a little nervous even though I’ve done one before, so its great to hear yours did went well!

  • Jessica

    haha this is so cute! i would be nervous too! yes i hope to see you soon at a blogger event :D