Fancy cats

by thedemuremuse on July 30, 2012

So my closet may or may not be indicative of my future as a (crazy) cat lady. To date, I have a cat skirt, cat print dress, cat sweater, and the newest addition is a blouse. This is no ordinaty cat print blouse though– oh no. These cats are fancy. See those little bow ties on the cats?

outfit details
blazer: Korean boutique
cat blouse: c/o oasap
shorts: H&M
houndstooth tights: American Eagle
shoes: Ross


According to my notes: bow ties = fancy. hehe

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  • Xixia Wang

    Hahah pshh, no, definitely not indicative of crazy cat lady future, since those clothes are clearly too cute to NOT buy! This is such a lovely outfit, and shows off your cute and classy style very well. (:
    ♥ xixia |

  • Erika Riggs

    cuuuuute blouse!

  • kristian satterlee

    lol at your supposed future. Whatever the future you look awfully cute in that right now! I especially like it with that cute blazer too.

  • Sandy a la Mode

    such a cute print on your blouse!! :)

  • kimmie

    Such a cute outfit! And isn’t is sad that it’s still tights weather in the middle of the summer?!!

    I saw that cat blouse when browsing the website the other day and totally thought of you! There was also one with an Angry Birds print that I thought was hilarious and was tempted to get, but I didn’t :)

    • katrina of

      the weather here is just so odd! some days it’s smoldering hot and others i have to wear tights and a jacket to go outside. haha, oh Seattle.

      there’s an angry birds shirt? haha i guess i can’t say i’m surprised. that franchise has taken off like no other!

      you know what I just realized? the cat blouse on the site had the cats standing vertically, but when i got the blouse, the cats were sideways. i didn’t even notice this until just now.

      • kimmie

        Hahaha that’s so funny! Weird that some shirts would have sideways cats and some would have vertical. And the Angry Birds one? I’m pretty sure it’s not licensed….

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