Back in the swing of things

I have somehow managed to make it a few weeks without internet in my new place, but rest assured that I’ve still been getting dressed every morning! ;) I’m sure the employees at the local coffee shop can attest to that statement as I’ve been making use of the free WiFi while feeding my iced tea addiction.

outfit details:
1/2 sleeve shirt: Wet Seal (back in 2005)
blazer vest & scarf: Forever 21
houndstooth tights: American Eagle
studded combat boots: Target
shorts: H&M
watch: Nixon


I just posted about my ideal back to school outfit the other day but it just occurred to me that I don’t live in dream land with the world’s biggest closet, so here’s what I would actually wear on my first day back. Even though I’m not going back to school, I still got excited to put this outfit together! :)

EBEW - Back To School

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  • Cheyenne Chavez

    Oh I love this! especially the mix of prints with the scarf and tights!

  • ThreadsAndButtons

    LOVE this outfit! The scarf and vest are for sure my favorite parts! Also, I love that you go to coffee shops and drink iced tea, that’s SO me! Coffee is too bitter :p

    • To be honest, I used to be crazy addicted to coffee (anywhere from 3-5 cups a day), but I’ve since kicked the habit and started drinking tea instead. After that 2 week period of migraines from cutting coffee cold turkey, I’ve been fine! :)

  • kristian satterlee

    This would make a good back to school outfit (maybe its the vest?)

    Anyway, it is very cute and I like the tights under the shorts.

  • I love the scarf with the vest! Such a cute look. Glad to have found you through EBEW! I’ll be back for sure!


  • chioma anosike

    this is the cutest look! Love your scarf :)

    C’s Evolution of Style

  • I love your outfit. It’s fun but sexy but edgy but pulled together. How does one even manage that?!

  • ADORABLE boots girl!!! and i love going to coffee shops and using their wifi while people watching! :)

    Sandy a la Mode

  • cute outfit, esp your scarf!!

  • julia martin

    i love this! what a great way to transition wearing shorts from summer to fall – I’ve always wanted to try shorts with tights & now I think i have too!


  • Seekingstyleblog

    Looks like you’re ready for fall!

    xo Jennifer

  • Love the boots! You’re making me want to order them HAHA how would you rate the quality, comfort, and sizing?

    • The sizing is definitely true to size! I was pleasantly surprised when I survived a full-day on the first day of wearing them (my last pair of combat boots took FOREVER to break in). I was worried that the faux leather would look really fake, but the quality is actually decent and the material is quite flexible so I’m not too worried about it cracking. Let me know if you end up getting them. They also come in taupe !

  • Tribal scarf for the win. I’m also loving your vest. menswear!