Getting to Know You: Hello Kitty breakfast traditions

It’s been a while since the last Getting to Know You post, so I figured I would share a little something silly about myself. It’s no secret that I love Hello Kitty… but this hasn’t always been the case. As a child, I loathed the colour pink and anything super girly (I was a tom boy late into my high school years) so I never paid much attention to Hello Kitty growing up. It wasn’t until university that I suddenly became obsessed with the bow-wearing kitty. I had everything Hello Kitty that a poor student could afford– notebooks, highlighters, ballpoint pens, HK-themed notepads, a toaster (gifted by my friends), stormtrooper kitty laptop decal, etc!

I think I reached the peek of my Hello Kitty craziness after a trip to the Hello Kitty Cafe in Korea last summer. Ever since that day, breakfast and dessert foods have never been the same. If there is no bow-wearing kitty on my food, it probably doesn’t taste as good as it could (haha, just kidding Mom. Your food is always delicious even if it’s not Hello Kitty branded).


I’ve posted about the Hello Kitty waffle maker before and have since used it a handful of times. If I ever have visitors staying with me, they’re forced offered a Hello Kitty themed breakfast. My currently specialties are waffles and pancakes… mainly because these are the only two HK appliances/tools I own (the toaster died about 6 months after I got it). Also, if I’m going to be honest, the pancake mix doubles as waffle mix so it’s pretty much the easiest prep to make both of these things. Who can say no to one recipe for two yummy breakfast foods?


So maybe I’m a wee bit crazy for waking up at 6am on a weekday to make breakfast for my visitors, but at least the food is cute!


Who’s in for breakfast tomorrow? ;)

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  • i can’t lie, it still makes my heart happy to know that the hello kitty waffle maker found a good home with you <3

    • Thank you again so so so much for the waffle maker. Honestly, it’s my favourite kitchen appliance (and that’s saying a lot considering I just bought a KitchenAid mixer hehe). ♥

  • These are adorable! I wish I had an adorable waffle maker… or even a regular waffle maker. :-)

    and i didn’t get to visit The cafe in Korea. More reason to go back :)

  • What a super cute waffle iron! I want one!!