Sunglasses Shop review: Le Specs violet tortoise shell sunnies

I had the pleasure of reviewing a pair of sunglasses from a great UK-based company Sunglasses Shop. This shop offers a large selection of designer sunglasses and 10% off for your first purchase. Pretty awesome discount for a first-time buying experience!

I’ve been really loving all the tortoise shell frames this season and decided to review this pair:

Sunglasses Shop packaging

As soon as I saw the package at my doorstep, I was immediately drawn to the clever labeling of the box. Usually my fragile packages just have a red “fragile” sticker slapped on somewhere on the box and that’s that! (My ceramic dishes were delivered upside-down and all shaken up… I guess it would’ve helped to have similar labeling!)

Sunglasses shop packaging

Aside from the box labeling, I was a little concerned about the protection of the glasses themselves. The sunglasses arrived in a thin sleeve with very little padding. The sleeve was wrapped in nothing other than a plastic bag and placed in the box. As someone who has purchased a handful of glasses online, I was expecting to see at least bubble wrap or some air packets to protect a pair of frames without a hard case. Thankfully, the glasses arrived in pristine condition after a long trek from the UK (total shipping time was just under a week).


Overall, I really like the frames. The colours are really beautiful in person and fit great! I’m lucky that there have been a couple of sunny breaks between Seattle’s regular rainy autumn so I can still wear these now, but I’m even more excited to take these out next summer. :)

Side note: I don’t use the soft case when toting the glasses in my purse. Instead, I keep them in a hard case from another pair of glasses to make sure the sunglasses don’t get scratched by my wallet/camera/keys.

Disclaimer: I received these glasses courtesy of Sunglasses Shop, but the review of the service I received is my own honest opinion.

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