Swap & Style: oh deer!

swap & style

Earlier this week you got to see a piece from my closet and now it’s time to show off a piece from Erica’s! She sent over this adorable deer print dress with a little peek-a-boo detailing on the back. I think it’s kind of funny that we both styled this dress with a bow belt, don’t you think?

outfit details:
dress & rings: swapped from Erica‘s closet
blazer: Forever 21
bow belt: Urban Behaviour
tights & knee-socks: Target
rain boots: Tretorn Skerry Reslig (exact …and on sale!)
glasses: c/o Rivet & Sway


The weather has been pretty blah as of late. I am so grateful that my family gifted me with a pair of rain boots last Christmas because I’d be walking around with soaked socks otherwise. By far the one staple pair of shoes a Seattleite can’t live without!

P.S. Let us know what you think of Style & Swap! Are you a fan of the swapping? Would you want to try this out? We’re planning on running the feature once a month and would love to hear what you think about it so far!

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  • dawngrimes

    AGH! What a beautiful dress.

    Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for The Liebster Award for up and coming bloggers. Check out my blog for the details if you care! I honestly know nothing about the award, but someone tagged/nominated me recently and answering the questions was fun. :)


  • Twoshoppermoms
  • omg lol!!
    i didn’t even realize we named our posts the same thing.

    we’re the same.

    jealous of your rain.
    i need a reason to wear my rain boots.

  • kristian satterlee

    1) That is the cutest print ever! You both styled it so well.

    2) Swapping is fun, glad to hear this is going to be a regular series!


  • the back detail of the dress is amazing.
    an d really, i’m loving this swap.