Bringing out your inner charm with ULINX

I always get a little excited whenever science meets fashion. ULINX created a line of design-your-own charm bracelets that ingeniously incorporated magnets as the way to interchange links. Nifty to think how the north and south poles of a magnet can completely remove the need for a clasp on a piece of jewelry!

ULINX - packaging
ULINX - packaging
I received my bracelet in the mail early last week and was pleasantly surprised by the packaging. The way the bracelet was presented in the donut-shaped box was brilliant! The donut was the perfect circumference for the bracelet and showcased the charms (known as CLIX) beautifully. ULINX allows you the freedom to design your own bracelet by using template styles. I probably spent close to an hour swapping around CLIX charms until I (finally) decided on a combination. There are just so many colours and designs to choose from that my indecisive self was in a bit of creative overdrive. ;)
ULINX - ring
The coolest thing about ULINX is the fact that your bracelet can transform into more than just a single accessory. Since all the pieces are magnetic, I was able to expand the double links between the CLIX in the original design to make an anklet (pictured above). On a separate occasion, I took apart the anklet and reworked the pieces to create multiple rings too! It’s cool to see how much an accessory can transform from one piece to another. When the bracelet first arrived, I had no idea I would end up spending so much time playing with the bracelet to find new ways to wear it!

On the topic of being creative, not only does ULINX believe in pushing creativity with their bracelets, but they also support creativity on a global scale. In a program known as WE.LINX, a portion of sales goes towards funding art supplies to underprivileged children who don’t have access to art. Getting creative with a bracelet and giving someone else the chance to get creative is quite the win-win, if you ask me.

Disclosure: I received this bracelet courtesy of ULINX for review but the opinions expressed in this post are all my own.

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