100% natural beauty monthly subscription: True Beauty Box

I had the pleasure of meeting some of the lovely ladies behind True Beauty Box, a Kirkland-based monthly subscription that specializes in full-sized, all natural, organic beauty products, earlier this month during the Holiday CRAVE event. The True Beauty Box officially launched last week (Dec 13), and I have a sneak peek to share!

Usually, members have to complete a quiz to determine their style profile, which will influence the colours of products in the box they select. There are currently three boxes:
Flirt – ($30 + free shipping in the US) This box consists of at least 3 to 4 full size cosmetics, a monthly goodie, and samples
Veganista – ($30 + free shipping in the US) This box contains a mix of full size cosmetics, self tanners, lotions, ect that are all certified vegan, the monthly goodie, and vegan samples
Indulge – ($40 + free shipping in the US) This includes not only, full size cosmetics, but anything from full size self tanners to anti-aging products, the monthly goodie, and also an array of samples

True Beauty Box
True Beauty Box - unwrapping

I was really impressed when I first saw the packaging of the box and the presentation of all the items inside. I’m a bit of a sucker when it comes to packaging and I really appreciate when companies go out of their way to make every package feel like Christmas morning!

True Beauty Box - contents
True Beauty Box

In this box, I received a handful of samples (creams and foundation) and full sized lip liner, lip balm, lipstick, lip gloss, and mascara. Considering that I spend about an average of $12 on mascara at other beauty stores, I think the value of this box is great! Unlike other monthly beauty subscriptions, True Beauty Box sources their 100% natural, organic products from all over the globe. The specific products in my box are from the US and Germany. Pretty nifty to think about the logistics of curating these boxes every month!

So far, I’ve tried the Benecos lipstick (a beautiful neutral tone which is great for everyday wear) and the Lavera mascara. I’m not a makeup connoisseur, but I can be quite picky with lip products thanks to always having chapped lips in the winter. I thought that these products held up really well compared to the ones that I’ve been using on a regular basis. To be honest, I never gave much thought to using only natural beauty products before trying these products. The fact that the price of organic products are always steeper than the status quo made me shy away from wanting to try them. True Beauty Box puts organic products on par, if not cheaper, than non-organic beauty products which is always a great way to overcome the price-point hurdle of trying new products.

I’d love to hear if any of you decide to sign up for the True Beauty Box and what you think of the products.

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