Valentine’s Day nails: make your own heart decals

I’ll admit that I’m a pretty huge sucker for Valentine’s Day. Any excuse to wear pink and paint the town with hearts is my kind of “holiday”! Since hearts day falls on a weekday this year, I had to make sure that my nails would be work appropriate. Not to say that sporting hearts on the nail beds is super professional or anything, but it is fun to sneak in little accents here and there in places people least expect to see them. Here’s the look I went for:


Start off with a neutral base. I used two coats of Avery by Zoya, which is a beige with some olive undertones which worked perfect with my skin tone.

Zoya - Avery

For the heart decals, I chose to use two different shades of red. My colours of choice were Julep’s Scarlett (red with a hint of micro glitter), and Catherine (opaque red with no glitter). The reason I chose to do two different shades of red instead of sticking to a single one is because I initially couldn’t make up my mind. I wanted to see what both shades looked like over the Avery nude. I ended up using both and really liked the results.


Tear off two strips of invisible tape about 1.5″ long. Paint a layer of each color on each trip of tape and wait for the nail polish to dry. This shouldn’t take long, but I waited 15 minutes just to be safe.


Using a pair of scissors with thinner tips, cut hearts out of the strips of painted tape. Make sure that the hearts fit the size of your nail beds. Stick a heart on your fingernail, seal with a layer of top coat, and voila! Your Valentine’s Day nails are ready to strut their stuff!

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  • kristen | Havok Designs

    ooooh! so that’s how you did the hearts :)) so cute! and what a great tip/idea!! though this is def not my favorite holiday, i can completely appreciate your love and support of it!

  • Cait Val

    what a fantastic idea!!!! love that you cut the shape out of tape and sealed with a clear top coat!
    this might have just opened a big door to nail art for us :)

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  • Emily

    Nothing like wearing your heart on your sleeve…er, I mean nails! ;) Love this.
    Isn’t That Charming.


  • ok that’s genius. I never even considered doing something like this! You could even use those scrapbook punches if you really want perfect shapes! how fun!

  • denrmcrazyx

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