Los Angeles weekend away part 1

If you’re following me on Twitter, you’ll know that the last couple of weekends have been filled with a bit of plane hopping. The first stop was Los Angeles! I wish I has some fancy shmancy reason for going on a weekend trip, but in all honesty my friends wanted to go and we just booked our flights to make it happen. We planned a rough itinerary on the weekend before the trip, but we ended up revamping plans as the days came.

The first stop on the night we arrived was to In-N-Out. If you know how much I love McDonald’s (a lottttttt), you might not know that In-N-Out is actually my favourite burger place! Considering there are no In-N-Out burgers in Seattle, I was pretty much on the verge of running to the counter to place my order for animal fries. YUMMMMM!!


The next morning started off with gorgeous sunny skies, which made us all really excited for our first full day of exploring the city. We stopped off for breakfast at M Cafe, whose menu is designed to be “contemporary macrobiotic cuisine”.

LA morning

Growing up in Toronto where organic/vegan/dairy alternatives/biodegradable cutlery is not part of popular everyday culture, Seattle was already a bit of a shock. Going to LA was an even bigger eye opener for how seriously people take their almond or soy or coconut milk alternatives. I was honestly surprised by how good the dairy-free, sugar-free buckwheat pancakes were!

Post breakfast, Mother Nature decided to literally rain on our parade. Instead of driving around the city and stopping by Korea and Chinatown, we ended up at The Los Angeles County Museum of Art. There was a special Stanley Kubrick exhibit open, and traveling with big fans of A Clockwork Orange and Space Odyssey 2001, we couldn’t not pay a visit to LACMA.

Sunset at Echo Park

The day was wrapped up with a trip to Echo Park to watch the sunset. It’s kind of crazy to see how beautiful the sky is outside of a bustling city. Gosh, I wish I could walk around with palm tree-lined roads every day!

Stay tuned for part 2 of the LA trip recap this week!

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