Los Angeles weekend away part 2

I’m going to preface this post with how much I love my Windows Phone. I got the Lumia 920 last year and debated long and hard between the Lumia and an iPhone. It’s true that the WP platform has less apps than iPhone (sigh…still no Instagram), but the one thing I couldn’t say no to is the amazing camera. I find myself carrying around only my phone instead of both my phone and DSLR nowadays. All the photos that were taken in these LA recap posts were taken with my Lumia and I am so impressed!! Not having to tote around a DSLR on vacation definitely makes traveling light easier.

So the second half of the weekend in Los Angeles was spent at the Getty museum, checking out the amazing furniture and other finds at Nick Metropolis, running into Seattlites at Venice beach, and, of course, eating delicious food that’s special to LA. The first stop was the Getty Museum, which in itself is a work of art:

The J. Paul Getty Museum
The J. Paul Getty Museum

Yeah. This castle-looking building is a museum! Can’t not mention he cactus garden and a huuuuge floral garden walkway. If we had more time in LA, I’m sure it would’ve taken a weekend in itself to explore all the nooks and crannies of this museum!

Next stop: Pink’s hot dogs

Pink's hot dogs

I’m not a huge fan of hot dogs, but I’ll give it to Pink’s for converting me to temporarily think that hotdogs > burgers. Pink’s is known for their chili dogs, but as usual, I got distracted by the witty names of menu items and went for something with a punnier name. On the left is the chili dog, and I ended up getting the “Lord of the Rings” dog, which was onion rings topped with barbeque sauce. haha come on…. the name is pretty good, no? *cricket, cricket*

Nick Metropolis

Another really neat place we made a stop off at was to see the collection of furniture and other collectibles at Nick Metropolis. I swear I’ve seen Nick’s shop featured on some TLC show within the last 5 or so years. The selection of goods range from old school Hollywood signs to 1920s flapper-styled mannequins to 1940s military trunks (still with the original owner’s uniform, photos, and letters. Nick himself was really friendly and showed us the really unique gems currently in his shop (the military trunk being one of them).

Nick Metropolis - Blue

We also had the pleasure of meeting Blue, the sweetest, most affectionate Chihuahua I have ever met. Blue is one of the workers at Metropolis’ dog and she is such a cutie. She usually sits near the front entrance of the shop and will occasionally be allowed to run round the shop. She loves people and wants to play all the time. Such a big difference between Blue and other yappy Chihuahuas I’ve met in the past. (Go figure the most interesting thing in the shop for me is a new animal friend ;) lol)

Last stop: Venice Beach! Gosh, looking at this photo makes me wish there was a more accessible beach in Seattle where I could kick my shoes off and sit in the sun for hours on end!

Eddy Lee art

While walking the Venice Beach strip, we stumbled upon the artwork of Eddy Lee. Believe it or not, he’s originally from Seattle (!!) and recently moved to sunny California. The work above is part of his Versus series, where each piece s a modern twist on a popular classic. It’s pretty incredible to see such beautiful work being displayed at beach side. I left with a print of the “Vs Michelangelo” piece, which is currently sitting on my work table waiting to be framed and mounted.

The weekend away in LA was filled with a lot of art and inspiration! After staying stationary in Seattle for almost half a year (with the trip back home to Toronto for the Christmas holidays), it’s nice to step away and see how different the world is outside of the Seattle boundaries.

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