REVIEW: Vizio Optic Face à Face Kazan glasses

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of using glasses as an accessory to complete a look. Ever since frames have become more fashion forward instead of being a “geeky” burden to those who wear them, I’ve been obsessed. I was lucky enough to work with Vizio Optic earlier this summer to try a pair of high-end designer glasses by Face à Face, whose design aesthetic is often referenced as jewelry for your eyes and face. I’ve been following a few high end designers for the past years (MYKITA was a favourite for a long time for their lightweight materials and minimalist designs) and discovering Face à Face was an incredible eyeopener!


To be honest, I had a bit of a hard time picking out a pair of frames. Having a particular face shape makes it easy to tell if a frame will be flattering or not. I’ve been wearing glasses for over 15 years now and have overtime learned to figure out the range of measurements for the bridge, lens width, and arm length that works best for my face. The one measurement that always stumps me is the lens height because of the fact that the frames often taper from the top to the bottom and it’s hard to gauge through stock photos how this will look in person. I actually asked a lot of questions through their great customer service to make sure that the frames that I selected would fit my face properly. I was even offered the opportunity to have the frames pre-Rx shipped to try on to help solidify my decision, but I decided to forgo this and trust my gut on the sizing.

The checkout process was painless and straight forward. I added the frames to my cart and picked the type of lenses. Instead of having to type out the prescription during checkout (where I have managed to mix up numbers in the wrong measurement boxes in the past), I emailed a picture of my Rx with the order number and someone got in touch with me within a couple of hours! Talk about speedy service!

Every step of the process was really well communicated. The frames shipped straight from France to the US lab to have the prescription filled. This took about a week. They arrived in my hands a few days after being in the lab. The whole process was about a week and a half, which is on the longer side of processing time based on other online retailers I’ve purchased glasses from in the past, but is quite speedy considering that the frames started out in a completely different continent! When they arrived…

Vizio Optic review
Vizio Optic review

Opening the package was like unwrapping the most unexpected gift. I’m all about beautiful packaging, but the handwritten note definitely put this experience over the top for me. Not to mention the little sweet treat (how does everyone know strawberry is my favourite flavour?)! The cleaning solution and neatly-wrapped microfiber cloth were also great bonuses. I haven’t received cleaning solution for free since buying glasses from an in-store retailer (thank you, Amazon for 2 day shipping!) so this was a nice surprise!

face a face kazan

Overall, I’m really really really happy with the service I received from Vizio Optic and the Face à Face Kazan frames! I posted this photo a couple weeks ago on Instagram and already styled the frames in an earlier post this week. I would highly recommend checking out the selection of high-end frames if you’re in the market for spending a little more on designer frames.

Disclosure: I received these glasses courtesy of Vizio Optic for review. All opinions in this post are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting my partners!

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