Little Red

Let’s kick this week off the right way, shall we? Instead of being my usual dreary Fall/Winter self, I decided to try something new and pounce on a bright red coat! I’ve been looking for a parka-styled jacket to replace this green one that I ended up purging from my closet a couple weeks ago. The H&M jacket was just so thin and impractical for Seattle. I originally bought it because I had wanted a parka-styled jacket back in 2011. Silly me didn’t realize that the fabric wasn’t waterproof and having never experienced a Fall in Seattle yet at the time, I had no idea that the jacket would provide zero warmth. I learned the hard way after a long walk in the rain that that green jacket was not going to cut it. This new one from Aeropostale (which is on mega sale for under $40 right now!!) is both waterproof and warm enough for 38F weather.

outfit details:
t-shirt: Bluenotes
faux shearling parka: c/o Aeropostale (exact)
leggings: Lululemon
socks: Target
combat boots: Madden Girl (similar)
panda hat: Etsy (the original shop I bought from is now closed)
purse: vintage Coach (thrifted)


Jacket aside, the panda hat is back in high rotation for the rest of the year! I had this hat commissioned though Etsy back in 2011 and it makes me sad to see that the seller no longer exists on the site. :( She made great animal-eared hats with the most amazing fit– not to mention the super soft yarn! I guess it would’ve been more fitting to have a wolf hat given the Little Red Riding Hood theme going on in this outfit, but I’m trying to limit the number of animal-themed things in my closet. The overgrown child-looking section of my wardrobe is a little ridiculous and I’ve been slowly outgrowing it as the years pass. Not surprising at all, but I doubt I’ll ever outgrow this hat… it’s just too cute!


P.S. I’m in an experimental phase with my short hair right now and need your help! This is the first time I’ve left it wavy since the haircut. The waves are a lot more subtle since I had the volume toned down a few notches and the waves don’t “fill out” as much as they used to. Yay or nay to this hairstyle, or should I keep straightening it?

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  • Erin B

    Love the jacket! Is it actually waterproof or just water resistant? I couldn’t seem to find the information on the site, but in so many ways it’s just what I’m looking for! Thanks! As for the hair, I totally vote for not straightening it. It’s hard to tell with the hat, but with the hat, it’s cute!

    • Funny enough, it hasn’t rained since I got the jacket so I haven’t been able to really test it properly. I put some water on the sleeves last night to try it out and it’s water resistant (after leaving the water on there for a long time, it started to soak through). Hope that helped! :) I would definitely recommend the jacket– especially at the sale price that’s being offered now!

      • Erin B

        Thank you for the feedback on that–and overall the suggestion! I just got my coat today (and for even less than when you had initially posted it…I really can’t beat $100 off of the original price…), and it’s fantastic! SO bright and cheerful! I was wanting something a little warmer, and although I ultimately want to find a warm coat I can bike in the rain in, this is a wonderful addition to my non-existent jacket line up.

        • I’m so happy the jacket worked out for you! At that price, the jacket is such a steal. I’ve pretty much worn it every day since it arrived and love it! Hopefully you’re able to scoop up some other jackets too since it looks like they’re having a big sale!

  • i really like the short hair and the red coat. I can’t imagine how cold it is there.
    don’t straighten the hair! i like it wavy!

  • Okay, could this outfit BE any cuter? That is a vibrant and cheerful red and, and PANDA EARS!!!