Cliff jumping into the blue

Heights: one of the top three things I am terrified of. On the scale of 1 to 10 on the fear scale, I’d put my fear of heights at a 12. Growing up as a kid, I would freak out whenever walking within 5ft of the railings of the second (or third, or forth) floors of a mall because I was scared of flipping over the railing and breaking my neck. This was an extra weird thing to be afraid of as a 6 year old kid who could barely see over the railing… Ridiculous? Yes.

My fear of heights is still as irrational as an adult. Now that it’s physically possible to flip over the railings at the mall, my tolerance for walking (or even standing) close to one is waaaaay low.

Funny thing is, there have already been a handful of experiences where I forced myself to grow a pair, man up, and conquer my fears… even if it’s for a few seconds. A true test of this was crossing the Capilano Bridge back in 2012, but again on the trip to Eastern Washington when cliff jumping.


Even though the cliff I jumped from was only just a smidge over 10ft, it took a lot of pep talk to jump off the edge. After throwing the tube off first (which hit the rocks and landed much further to the right than I had originally planned), I stood overlooking the rocks thinking, “shoot… so, do I really have to go get that?”

Super glad that the irrational fears went away just long enough to make a full leap off the edge for this photo:


Not going to lie… now that this photo exists, I can die happy and never have to jump off another cliff.

P.S. How insanely beautiful is this water? The whole area was pretty much a dream in itself.

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  • I can’t believe you did that. I could never!

    • I didn’t think I could either. Trust me… it was a solid few minutes of staring into the water and realizing I couldn’t chicken out because I already tossed the tube in. haha sighhhh

  • Super proud of you! <3

  • I’m convinced that if I were to ever cliff jump, I’d hit some big boulder under the water. I admire your courage! And that picture is awesome! I’d totally frame it if I were you :)

  • Wow! I’m…..not sure I would have had the guts to jump. Amazing and proud that you did!

  • Dana

    So brave! Good job. How did you land? Was anything sore afterwards?