Goals for 2015


Not going to lie– I’m terrified to post my goals for this year on the blog because now the feeling of accountability is real and I have to stick to my guns on these. To be fair, the whole point of posting these is to stay accountable. When June rolls around and none of these are checked off, I’m going to need you guys to help give me a bit of a nudge, ok? Ok!

I want to start by saying that 2015 is the year to make things count for me. With everything that happened in 2014, I refuse to watch even a single day of the next 365 slip through my fingers. I want to be intentional about every decision made, relationships maintained, and everything in between. Here we go…

Build and maintain a minimalist wardrobe
After watching my style evolve over the past few years, I think it’s safe to say I know who I am when it comes to my closet. In the last year, I’ve gravitated towards to a monochromatic palette in basics and reworking them to make fresh, interesting combinations. It’s been a work in progress, but I hope to get a fully-functional wardrobe of just staples in the next year. No more using trendy, fast fashion stores as a crutch to fill the holes in my closet. Being intentional with purchases and investing in pieces that are going to last longer than a single season is what I’m striving for.

Listen to my body
The days of eating fast food every single night have to stop! I went on a gym kick at the end of 2014 and started eating carb-free, home cooked dinners at least 3 times a week. It was hard to change my regular habits to start doing this, but once I did, I could feel my body changing and feeling less fatigued. In an attempt to be better to my body (I see all of the other bloggers doing the Whole30 challenge, but I can’t say I’m at that level of commitment just yet), going to try to maintain these better eating habits in conjunction with doing some sort of physical activity at least 3 times a week.

Bike from Seattle to Portland
Ever since getting a bike in 2014, the Seattle to Portland bike ride has been on my mind. My friends do this ride annually and complete it in a single day. My stamina and endurance when riding is no where close to theirs right now and I hope to train this year to do the ride with them. Alas, I don’t plan to tackle this trip in a single day like they do, but my goal is to finish in 2 days. *fingers crossed* that the Spring showers hold off for long enough to get some decent training in before the summer hits!

Perform an open mic night
Writing this down makes me laugh because I have such bad stage fright! I have enough trouble with public speaking as is. Singing is a whole different story! Singing outside of the comforts of my living room is something that I can’t even imagine doing right now. But here it is. It’s on the list!

Go to hip hop class once
Another one that’s making me laugh as I type it out. Bff claims that I “dance like Taylor Swift… and not in a good way.” What does this even mean?? I can totally dance the way she does in Shake It Off ;) I’ve attempted several hip hop classes in the past and these usually ended up with me laughing at myself for a good 50% of the class. My lack of coordination really makes dancing challenging! I love watching choreographies on YouTube so much that I want to be able to push myself to one day be able to do them… so here it is. Also on the list!

Start a joint project with Kim
This one is already in the works. You may have noticed an increase of Kim’s presence on this blog in the last few months of 2014. She’s been a big influence on my blogging efforts and we jive off each other’s crazy energy. We’ve talked about potential projects to work together on and we are scheduled to kick one of them off seriously in the new year. More on this one soon…


Sketch, prototype, and build a mini collection
I’m nervous about this one. I have been making clothes on and off for the better part of my life as a fun hobby. Halloween gives the best excuse for making an outfit, but I’ve never sat down to create a single, cohesive collection. Towards the end of 2014, I bought a mannequin from a store liquidation and plan to learn how to drape on it! No matter how big or small this collection is, I’m excited for it. My sketchbook is locked and loaded with scribbles of ideas from the last handful of years and I’m ready to make some of these a reality!

Whew! These goals are pretty big and lofty, but if 2015 is going to count we have to aim high! What are your goals for this year? Want to be goal buddies in checking some of these off together?

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