Lost in the woods of Pittock Mansion

Continuing with the Portland road trip recap, day two was filled with random adventures along the drive back to Seattle. We stopped off at the Pittock Mansion, known as the historic renaissance castle in Oregon. Just behind the mansion is a picture-perfect view of the city, complete with a glimpse of Mt. Hood on a clear afternoon. We decided to take a detour for the highly rated hike in the forest on the property. Little did we know what was in store…

outfit details:
The Nor’Easter jacket: c/o Betabrand (exact)
nautical rope sweater: Banana Republic
jeans: AG Jeans
Dv8 Laurel Booties: c/o Aeropostale (exact, on sale for $45)
twig necklace: local Portland artist


Let’s just say that I wasn’t prepared for the kind of hike this forest had in mind on this particularly rainy day. Although there is a path, where you’ll find a lot of daily runners whizzing through, to walk on, the rain-coated dirt did not provide much traction for walking on. It was by chance that I packed this Nor’Easter rain jacket for the trip, which was perfect for the light rain we dealt with while attempting to do a simple hike. A few feet in, we turned around and decided to explore parts of the surrounding areas of the mansion instead.

Even with all the rain clouds, Mt. Hood decided to grace our presence before jumping back into the car for the final stretch of the drive back. What a view!
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  • Gorgeous shot of mt. hood. And look at you hiking in booties…you rebel :)

    • hahaha more like poor planning on my part for packing for this trip. didn’t realize we were going to stop off for a hike. whoops!

  • I love these photos! They look magical — forest photos are always so darn pretty to me. I could never hike in booties (lmao I can only imagine what kind of falling over and tripping I’d be doing), but they are super cute. Yay!

    Sara // dearskim.com

  • I just love that view from Pittock Mansion! It’s so pretty. That necklace is super cool too!

  • Layering sweaters? Only you, Katrina! Looks so gooooood. But also, THAT RAIN JACKET IS DOPE. I need it.

  • Oh yea. and dat twig necklace. lol.

  • That twig necklace! So pretty :)

  • What a gorgeous view! I love impromptu stops on road trips. Many times that’s how the best memories are made!