Finding the perfect fit for jeans using Fitcode

Buying jeans have always been on my list of painful clothing pieces to buy (only second to bras or swimsuits). Why? Well, having long legs with child-bearing hips and, now, a pair of thick thighs, makes it a bit of a challenge to find jeans that fit. I’ve been nervous to venture into new brands of jeans because the variance between women’s denim sizing is such a nightmare to try to decipher. A 28 is not always a 28 from brand to brand. Thanks to a new company, Fitcode, who focuses on the fit of jeans more than the number on the label, I took a quick 5 question quiz to find my Fitcode, which translated all of the nuances between sizing in brands to normalize according to fit. Turns out that I’m anywhere from a 26 to a 28!

fitcode jeans

What I loved about the quiz is the fact that the questions were so lightweight and easy to answer. There were short descriptions to tell exactly what the small differences between each of the choices were, which made the process much less intimidating.

After the quiz was done and a Fitcode was presented (a 3 digit number), and “Denim Boutique” was also created based off of your Fitcode and size. Instead of fretting over the size of pants and trying to filter by size (which didn’t guarantee fit across brands), Fitcode did all the work to curate a closet of shoppable jeans that focused on the fit of the pants as they related to my body. Emphasizing on the fit instead of the size made the whole shopping experience a lot more pleasant, especially since I literally only had to decide on what pair of jeans I liked best based on the cut, wash, and style, without having to worry about the variation between sizing from brand to brand on top of it.

outfit details:
button down: H&M
jeans: 7 For All Mandkind (exact)
wedges: Clarks (old)
wood watch: c/o Jord (exact)
fortress ring: c/o Moorea Seal (exact)

Also, instead of shopping on the Fitcode Denim Boutique, you can also install an extension for your Chrome browser for Fitcode so that when you’re shopping for jeans on and the brand websites, your Fitcode overlays products on their sites which allows you to easily tell what jeans will fit. Such a good way to help filter out which brands/styles of jeans will fit without having to try a bunch of pairs in different sizes on first!


Disclaimer: These jeans were provided in exchange for an honest review of Fitcode. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.

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  • Nordstrom has their true-fit tool or whatever that I thought was so cool (when you go to a pair of jeans it tells you if it will be a good fit, great fit, perfect fit and what size that would be) but I bet this is even more accurate! I loathe buying jeans (especially online…no idea what size I am!) because of my pear-shaped bod. Must try this!

    • Definitely give Fitcode a whirl! I was nervous that the quiz would be like, “Now…. find our tape measurer and give us all these measurements!” but it was really easy and took about 5 minutes to complete. The Denim Boutique was my favourite part because it basically spit out a whole bunch of different styles across different brands to pick from. If you click on a single pair of the pants, you’ll see the recommended size to buy at the bottom of the page, which was perfect in my experience. Like you, I also loathe buying jeans, so it was awesome to be in the comforts of my PJs at home making this purchase and not having to buy like 5 pairs in different sizes to find the perfect one.

  • That is SO COOL.

    • Really love the idea behind Fitcode. Being able to use this across online stores is going to be such a game changer!!

  • I love the fit categories. I’m probably Baby Cakes hehehe. These jeans seriously fit you so well and I love this classic combo of a white button-up and jeans! Also loving your coral necklace!


    • The fit categories are awesome! I wish I took a screenshot of the thigh one. That one was so cute!

      Thanks for the compliment about the necklace :) Made it a couple years ago and it’s my go-to for these basic outfits.