REVIEW: Jord watch – Cora

I recently received this Cora Jord Watch to style and couldn’t help myself but to also write a full review for it. To be honest, I stopped wearing a watch daily around March when I started cycling more seriously and decided to wear a fitness tracker. It was really hard to stack both the fitness band and my old Vince Camuto boyfriend watch on the same wrist because of the large face of the watch (and I have an issue with typing when something is the wrist of my dominant hand), so I stopped. This Cora watch has a casing that’s 3mm smaller than my previous watch, which doesn’t sound like a big difference, but makes it a lot easier to stack against another strap on my left arm.


My favourite part of this watch is the beautiful combo of the rose gold face with the natural warm wood. It’s neutral enough to not look like I have competing things on my wrist and still match all my outfits. The Swarovski crystal markers are a really sweet touch, too!


One thing that I had a bit of difficulty with was changing the time. Unlike most watches where you can easily pop the crown out and turn the knob, I didn’t realize that I had to unscrew the crown to get the knob to pop out. I spent a solid 2 minutes trying to find videos or tutorials on how to change the time (I felt like [and still kinda feel like] a bit of a dummy for not knowing how to do this) because I had never used a screw crown before.

All in all, I think this watch is fab! It’s beautifully made, lightweight, and fits well into my everyday life. Jord makes a handful of other beautiful watches that start at $120, which makes me want to consider adding another one (maybe free of the bling?) to my watch collection.

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  • 1. omg i’m so glad you couldn’t figure out how to change the time either. i had to call my boyfriend. i felt THE MOST dumb.
    2. that color is gorgeous on you.
    3. i miss your face.

    • THANK YOU for validating that we are not crazy! I was like, “Why is this so hard?!?!” and even brought out my pliers in case I couldn’t pop it off– thankfully, I tried unwinding it before taking pliers to the crown. haha that might’ve ended poorly…

      I MISS YOURS TOO!! I absolutely loved your latest post on body image and body positivity. You are so gorgeous, inside and out!