New goal: Running start

With the impending doom of Seattle’s beautiful summer days slowly slipping through our fingers, I’m trying to get out and soak up as much sun and enjoy the outdoors before the rainy Fall comes pouring in. Now that the STP ride and bike training is over (more here), I’ve been trying to find other ways to stay in shape. Don’t get me wrong, I still love to bike and ride out to go thrifting every few weeks, but I will not be keeping up with those 50 mile rides on Sundays anymore. ;)

To battle my usual couch potato habits, I’m trying to make an effort to run at least twice a week after work. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but for someone who really sucks at running (and by really sucks, I mean I get winded after like 3 blocks of light jogging), this is quite the challenge!

outfit details:
tank top: H&M
sport bra: c/o Brooks (exact)
Greenlight Capri: c/o Brooks (exact)
PureCadence 4 shoes: c/o Brooks (exact)
sunglasses: Moorea Seal

This goal happened to beautifully align with getting to preview the Brooks Fall line for this year (check out the full collection here). I’ve taken the PureCadence 4 shoes out for a test run and absolutely LOVE them! As someone who has an over-pronated stride, I’ve had a lot of trouble finding supportive, but lightweight, runners in the past. My past few pairs of sneakers have been chunkier heeled (which is the price you pay for extra support), which also meant they were pretty heavy to run in. These runners are really nice and lightweight, and the bright pink makes me heart super happy!

I’m also a huge fan of these capris. They’ve got a nice compression fit to them, which I’ve learned to really love after owning compression shorts for biking. For someone who is a bit more of a wimpy athlete, I have highly favoured compression apparel because it helps with the endurance and promotes better circulation. It doesn’t hurt that these pants are also fully reversible (!!) and can be worn in a solid grey, as well as this fun striped pattern. There are also two secret pockets in the waistband, one which is big enough to fit my phone in. Whoever designed these pants really deserves an extra high-5 because I absolutely adore them!

I’m going to keep pushing myself and hope to get to the 1 mile mark of continuous running before the rain starts!

P.S. I know this post probably seems like a giant ad for Brooks, but I wasn’t asked to write it. I was offered a few pieces to try from their new collection and absolutely loved them so much that I couldn’t help but write about them. No doubt, I plan to buy new pairs of capris or tights from their new line as time goes on!

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  • I love those capris! And two pockets, one big enough for your phone? That’s pretty amazing. All of my capris/yoga pants/leggings have only one pocket and it’s only big enough for like a key.

    • haha I know exactly how you feel! I have one pair of yoga leggings from Lululemon that has a super deep pocket on the thigh, which fits my phone and keys, but it is so uncomfortable to walk/run with stuff in there. The Brooks pockets are along the waistband, which is unnoticeable.

  • Those capris are so pretty, and practical, too! I am a slow and easily winded runner, so yay for you for pushing yourself.

  • Brooks sends stuff?! How do I get on this list. :P Love their Brooks Ghost (neutral runner) shoes too.

    Re: running I think 1 mile continuous is a great goal! How are you progressing so far?

  • Lauren

    That’s awesome that you’re giving running a go! I’ve been slowly working on increasing my distance too (as it was previously about 20 paces before being winded, ha). I just managed the Greenlake loop without walking and it is an amazing feeling. Good luck!!

    • Congrats on completing the Greenlake loop!! That’s huge! I hope to be able to get to your level one day :)

      • Lauren

        You will! It’s amazing how fast it gets better. And people are really supportive when you let them know you’ve got a goal like that.

  • megan

    we still need to plan a jogging date! love the items you chose and can’t wait to see you soon!!

  • Okay the fact you said you get winded so easily makes me think I might need to take up running too…. i’m like that and feel like if others like me are putting themselves out there to do that, I should too… anyway, good luck with your new goal!

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