REVIEW: Camkix universal 3-in-1 cell phone camera lens kit

I’m pretty excited to geek out today over tech accessories! Just to be clear, this isn’t a sponsored review post. I bought this camera lens kit on my own and had a couple friends ask about the quality of the lenses, so I wanted to share my experiences snapping photos with them for the last few months. This review is for the 3-in-1 camera kit lens by Camkix, which is the budget version of the competitor brand, Olloclip (retails for $80 here).

clip-on lenses for iPhone camera

The prompt for investing in lenses for my phone started when I realized that my bus ride to work was basically a window of time I could spend editing photos on my phone and being productive. I had been shooting some product photos for a friend’s business (here, if you’re interested!) and wanted to see if I could do the whole end-to-end of photo taking to editing to posting, all via my phone. If it could work for this scoped project, I figure the same workstream/process could be applied to my own blogging process.

Originally, the Olloclip was my #1 choice because of the quality of the photos that I’ve seen on their Instagram account. My biggest hesitation with Olloclip is that I didn’t want to invest $80 in a set of lenses that were phone make/model specific. At the $80 price point, I would hope that I could easily interchange the lenses between phones since, with the way technology is being adopted and upgraded these days, I’ll be switching phones again in the next couple years and would have to invest in a new set of lenses. The downside of the interchangeability across phones is that the lenses do not play up to the strengths of each specific device, but this is a trade-off I’m willing to deal with.

universal cell phone camera lens kit

Each of the lenses screws onto a clip mount, which can be placed on either the back camera or the front-facing camera. This is awesome if you want to change the angle or field of depth for either cameras on your phones using the lenses. I’ll show you below a couple of test shots that I took with my lenses comparatively with just the naked iPhone camera.

Here’s what it looks like with the fisheye lens attached. A fisheye lens will give a “bubble” effect to your photos as it tries to capture a wider frame. I’m holding my phone at about the same arm’s length distance for both of the photos, and you can tell how much more of the background/scenery is captured with the fisheye lens than without. This is such a fun lens to play with, especially when you’re taking selfies with a larger group of friends and want to capture everyone in it. Only downside is that if you’re close to the edge of the frame, you will be distorted!

clip on fisheye lens for iphone

The second lens this kit comes with is the macro/wide angle lens. The macro lens is great for taking really close-up shots to show detailing (which I’ll show below), or extending the frame of your photos without the “bubble” effect like the fisheye. I purposely bought this kit specifically for the macro lens. As mentioned, shooting jewelry on a phone can be challenging, especially when trying to capture the details, so having this macro lens has been a huge help! I took a couple snaps of an air plant to show the difference that this lens makes. You’ll see clearly how the details pop out with the lens vs without:

trying to take macro photos with an iphone
trying to take macro photos with an iphone

As you can see above, even with the macro lens attached, the detailing is not 100% crisp, but it’s still significantly better than without the lens. I’ve been loving these little lenses and taking them with me in my pockets whenever heading out on the weekends. You never know when you’ll want to try to capture a moment on your phone and need some help with widening the frame!

The set that I purchased comes with everything you see below (one mounting clip, one macro/wide angle lens, one fisheye lens), as well as lens caps for both lenses, and a carrying pouch. The mini size of everything makes it super portable and easy to tote around. The quality of the photos are not going to be close to the quality of a DSLR, but they’re a set closer and only require having a cell phone to attach to!

universal clip-on lenses for iphone

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  • Green_Soul

    It was interesting to read. Big lens allows to capture the whole picture. I think that the lens should be waterproof, anti-reflective and has an anti-scratch coatings. Luckily I found such.