Back to school

Hah! I wish I were going back to school… err, not really. I miss the fun aspects of school like hanging out with friends, playing video games for hours on end after class, and making cool things in our circuit labs. I recently switched wearing a messenger bag to a backpack on work days, and seeing these photos makes me look (and feel) like I’m gearing up for back to school season. I’ve been wearing this jacket almost all day, every day, because of the lightweight material and neutral earthy tone that works so well with my existing black, white, and grey palette. I am still so in love with the relaxed fit that layers so well over everything. Not to mention, it’s still on sale!

relaxed utility coat, canvas backpack

Looking back at the last time I styled this jacket, I can’t help but laugh a little because the outfit is almost identical because of the similarities in pieces in my closet. Trade out the paperbag bow pants for a pair of black skinny jeans, and the non-pocketed blouse for one with pockets, and you’ve got today’s outfit! The one thing that I wanted to do differently in today’s outfit was to accessorize better. With the simple solids and layers, I feel like the accessories are what really elevate the outfit.

loft relaxed utility coat
outfit details:
relaxed utility jacket: LOFT (exact)
blouse: H&M (old)
skinny jeans: Joe’s Jeans (similar)
backpack: Herschel Supply Co (similar)
caged booties: Hinge via Nordstrom
crystal necklace: c/o Soufeel (exact)
charm bracelet: c/o Soufeel (exact bracelet, exact charm)

DIY 925 silver charm bracelet

This necklace is quite possibly one of my favourite pieces. The shorter length means that it sits perfectly by the collar bones and is sparkly but not too loud, like most of my other statement necklaces. This charm bracelet is something else. Growing up, I missed the boat on charm bracelets (or rather, I was still in my tom boy phase and thought they were too girly), but am now growing to like them. The interchangeability of the charms gives the bracelet a while different vibe. I really liked that not only the bracelet, but also the charms from Soufeel were 925 sterling silver– perfect for someone whose skin is usually quite sensitive to metals.

I wonder if trading charms as an adult is a thing. If we were all going back to school with charm bracelets, would you trade?

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  • I never wanted to trade stuff that wasn’t food when I was little. I was always like, “Well my mom bought this” and just was kind of sentimental about it/I think my mom would’ve been mad! Haha. And now I probably wouldn’t either just because I’d buy exactly what I wanted!

    • That’s totally fair! I’m the same way about things I get as gifts. Pretty sure I still have a set of PJs from my grandparents from Christmas when I was about 8. I just can’t let go of them because of the memories associated with them. These days, I’m totally ok with letting go of items and swapping them. I’ve been swapping a lot of items in my closet with friends and it’s awesome to see how they style/interpret them!

  • I really am digging that sparkly necklace with the button up (also, the school I work for just had their first day back to school today!)

    • Me too! It’s just enough sparkle to feel dressy, but not too much to be over-the-top-LOOK-AT-ME status. :) Happy first week back!!

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