Iceland trip recap: Gearing up to hit the road

Before the rest of the Iceland trip gets recapped, I wanted to share a bit of the background of how this trip came to be and how we all prepped for it. Every year, two of my closest friends from college and I will meet up somewhere for a week-long trip. This is something we’ve done together for years and are really comfortable traveling with one another (this is pretty key since vacation buddies are usually people that you’re going to be around for almost 24/7 while home away from home). On our most recent adventure, our comfort levels were tested because we really couldn’t get away from each other because this is where we spent our time together for the whole trip…


Yep! We did an Iceland campervan trip!

As we talked through our options for our goals to drive around the perimeter of the island, a campervan made the most sense. None of us are particularly outdoorsy, so pitching a tent at the end of every night didn’t seem like the best route for us. We also figured taking a bus from city to city and then trying to scramble to find accommodations (especially in the smaller towns) would put too many time pressures on our day-to-day activities, so campervan it was!

In terms of packing, we all agreed early on to not bring any suitcases. We were each limited to one backpack (this one was a popular bag among the group) that had to fit a week’s worth of clothes and toiletries, including a sleeping bag, for the trip.

For me, visiting Iceland has been on my bucket list as a trip focused around photographing the out-of-this-world landscape that is so unfamiliar to someone who grew up in North America. My priorities for packing had camera gear at the top of the list, toiletries to survive and not smell gross while stuck in a van for a week, and cute outfits at the very bottom. I pretty much dressed in my best “hobo chic” outfits, beanie and combat boots every day, and rotated through all my leggings and dress pant yoga pants.

I’m super excited to start sharing photos from the trip as I edit them over the next few weeks. To put this trip into perspective, my friends and I collectively had 17 cameras in the van with us. 10 of them were disposables cameras (mainly purchased out of nostalgia, but now I’m fascinated to see what we captured), 3 DSLRs, and 4 phones.

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  • I love this idea. BUT…where did you shower? DID YOU SHOWER?!??!?! Please tell.

    • Hahaha– totally legit question!! Showers happened! At the end of every night, we parked the campervan at a campsite with fully service bathrooms and showers. Hot water at the end of a long day was the one thing that we always looked forward to.

  • This sounds like a wonderful trip! Iceland is one of those places that’s definitely in my places-to-visit-in-the-near-future list but I just have never decided to buy the ticket. I can’t wait to see your pictures though because from what I hear it is full of amazing landscapes and out-of-this-world natural reserves and parks. I think you nailed it with the hobo chic look though! When camping comfort is probably one of the priorities :) so it sounds like you didn’t have an issue in keeping yourself comfortable, warm (because I bet it must have been sooo cold) and of course, fashionable.

    • Thanks Hector!! You should totally go to Iceland when you get the chance to. There’s a floating airfare deal for something like $250, which is crazy cheap!

  • Ah- I’m glad you started your recap talking about the practical parts of this trip. It seems overlooked but of vital import for anyone considering going. Can’t wait to hear more!

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