Backpacks for every occasion

This year has been an interesting one for me in terms of accessories. I’ve learned to pair down carrying nothing more but a card sleeve (IDs, credit cards, and a couple of punch loyalty cards), house keys, and cell phone, except on the days that I’m biking somewhere.

Using my bike as my main mode of transportation, I’ve started looking more heavily into backpacks and trying to find ones that are not only practical, but also fashionable. I’m really stoked about today’s guest post because it goes through some beautiful options – albeit a little over my personal budget – to stay on top of backpack trends. Hope you guys enjoy it!

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Backpacks for Every Occasion
We all went through a backpack phase at some point in our lives. Whether it was in our younger years at school, when our parents were convinced that the backpack offered the best support for our little shoulders to be able to carry all of our textbooks, or later on when we went through a grunge phase, backpacks inevitably become a key accessory to us.

fashion forward backpacks

Some people think that as we move on to different phases of our lives, the backpack becomes obsolete – something we can hardly ever find an occasion to use. After all, its very form is reminiscent of childhood and the schoolyard. As Lyst has pointed out, however, “The utility bag [has gotten] a fashion makeover with backpacks to suit all moods and occasions.” We’ve seen various designers create updated versions of the backpack, with different styles now making them great choices for any situation.

Looking for a good backpack for your next trip, or for regular use at work? Check out these fashionable backpacks below.

1. A Week Out of Town
Traveling out of the city? More than anything, your backpack has to be spacious and functional – but this doesn’t mean that it can’t be fashionable too. Marc by Marc Jacobs has come out with a range of backpacks in the fun and entertaining designs that the brand has become known for. From canvass bags reminiscent of Jansport backpacks to leather backpacks for the more grungy traveler, these bags can prove to be great accessories for those vacations.

2. An Afternoon at the Gym
Gym clothes and shoes need breathable fabric, and often, a duffel bag from your preferred sporting goods store fits the bill. If you’re looking for something for stylish, Moschino has created a range of gym bags with colorful prints and statements, so there are plenty of options to choose from. While some of the backpacks they’ve created are more of statement pieces, the gym bags usually come in a drawstring closure as well, making them much more convenient.

marc jacobs backpack

3. A Day at Work
You wouldn’t be caught dead using a childish backpack at work, but there’s no denying how helpful a good backpack can be when you’re constantly lugging around paperwork. Although this is a bit out of my personal price range, the aesthetic appeal from designer Alexander Wang has something for just about anyone. Using supple leather and working with a concise color palette, the backpacks are elegant and sophisticated – perfectly matured versions of the bags we used to use as kids.

Author Bio:
Growing up, Jenny Lim had a great love for backpacks, using one up until her days in university. As she ventured out into the real world, she was disappointed to learn that the backpack was no longer a fashionable choice for the working girl… until she stumbled upon some truly beautiful pieces by some of the world’s most famous designers. She now believes there is a backpack for everyone, and while she will occasionally use a clutch or a shoulder bag, the backpack will always be her first choice.

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  • Sarah

    Oh I have a good suggestion for downsizing your card case! Try the Key Ring app — it lets you scan in your loyalty cards! You can even take pictures and stuff if you want to keep it, and sometimes they’ll automatically send coupons to the app too. Recommend.

    • Oh my goodness, this is INCREDIBLE! Thank you so much for the recommendation, Sarah. I will probably be down to like 3 or 4 cards total once I’m done with setting up this app. :D

  • I’ve been trying to downsize on what I carry as well and have been using a backpack for commuting. I love that Alexander Wang backpack although it’s out of my price range, but at least it gives me a great idea of what kind of style to pick out for work.