Cheers to the new year: Recapping 2015 goals

Happy new year!! Hope you all had an amazing time ringing in the new year last night! This post is coming out a bit late thanks to some scheduling mishaps, but better late than never, right? 2016 is off to a good start! *shift eyes*

Today’s post is being spent recapping the goals that were set at the beginning of 2015. At the beginning of the year, I thought I was a little crazy for setting such lofty goals, and even though I didn’t end up crossing off every single one from the list, just the sheer fact of having them made me feel accountable to get some of them checked off.

aritzia sunday's best faux fur vest
outfit details:
black turtleneck dress: H&M (exact)
faux fur vest: Sunday’s Best via Aritzia (similar)
riding boots: Franco Sarto (similar)
glasses: Burberry c/o SmartBuyGlasses (exact)

how to style a faux fur vest

Build and maintain a minimalist wardrobe
I’m going to keep this one 25% unchecked because it’s still a work in progress. There’s been a lot of progress made in terms of understanding how my personal style has evolved and started to mature, but I’m still learning how to pair down on the pieces that I own. After many, many bags of clothing being donated to Goodwill in 2015, my closet is down to less than 50% of what I originally owned at the beginning of the year. I’ll be continuing to work through this in 2016, with a goal of having a working minimalist wardrobe by the end of this year.

Listen to my body
YES! This one was huge for me in 2015. As someone who has trouble sitting still and knowing when to take a break, I forced myself to sleep in on the days that I knew my body needed it and changed up my eating habits to fit the lifestyle that I want to live moving forward. I won’t even feel bad for all of the trips to McDonald’s while training for the Seattle to Portland bike ride either, since the carb loading was really necessary to keep my body fueled while training.

Bike from Seattle to Portland
HUGE YES TO THIS ONE!! I almost convinced myself to not show up for the day of this event because of the weather. I had hit so many bumps in the road (pun intended, hehe) during training that made me doubt my own abilities. As much of a physical challenge this bike ride was, it was even more of a mental challenge to even be able to picture myself being able to ride 200+ miles in two days. It was a grueling two days of being on a bike (recap of day 1 and day 2 of the ride), but I am really proud of myself for seeing this one through.

Perform an open mic night
Umm… so, this one definitely did not happen. There were like 2 band practices for the entirety of 2015, none of which included guitar practice for me. Will this be attempted again in 2016? Not sure. Considering that I can barely even remember the differences in fingering for C and G-chords, maybe not?

Go to hip hop class once
Hahaha, ok definitely failed hard on this one. All of my weekends leading up to the Seattle to Portland bike ride were spent training on the road, which meant that hip hop classes couldn’t happen (classes are only offered on the weekend for the studio I was hoping to attend). Does this mean hip hop classes will happen in 2016 for me? Probably not. As time has gone by, my personal desire to learn how to dance has exponentially declined… I guess I’ll be awkwardly dancing like Taylor Swift forever! Good thing I got those Drake Hotline Bling moves down! ;)

Start a joint project with Kim
Technically, this one is checked off. Kim and I did start a project together in 2015, called Hello Kim and Kat. It’s a joint style blog that showcased how we both styled the same pieces in our own aesthetic. At first, it was really fun, but then as work picked up and we both had to balance our day jobs, blogs, and extra curricular activities, it fell to the wayside. We still love working together, so we’re going to try to find some sort of project to work on together in 2016!

Sketch, prototype, and build a mini collection
Originally, this goal was intended to be for a mini clothing collection. Instead of clothing, I ended up designing jewelry under Rogue T&K, and pursing this avenue of creativity towards the end of 2015. It was such an exciting adventure to conceptualize, build, and launch something tangible! Being able to do a first in-person show just weeks after starting also really kicked things into high gear super fast. I cannot wait to keep going with designing and see where it takes us in 2016!

Recapping 2015 goals and seeing that 5 out of 7 goals were achieved in 2015blows my mind. Even though I went through huge waves of personal doubt throughout the year, I am really glad that I had friends along the way who helped support me and remind me to continue to test my limits and constantly push my personal comfort levels.

It feels weird to write this, but I am truly proud of myself for my personal accomplishments this year! Not sure if 2016 can out-do all of this from 2015, but I’m going to try! Goal setting for this year starts soon…

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  • Aleta

    Where are your earrings from? I got my conch pierced a few months ago and have struggled to find earring I like.

    • My conch barbell is the same one I originally had it pierced with. It’s a 14g 3/4″ with a flat back (same style as a labret or Monroe piercing). I haven’t tried switching it out since getting the piercing (which was over 10 years ago). I’ve always loved the look of curved barbells or full rings, though!

  • Wow! I am so impressed with that fact that you were able to do so many of these. Have to admit- I’d be very interested in seeing another post specifically about downsizing your wardrobe. Can’t wait to see what you decide to do for 2016.

    • I am really excited to chronicle the closet downsizing. I read about the Kon Mari method for tidying up in 2015 and it really inspired me to get my belongings in check. This is really what helped to make the initial rounds of purging easier, but I do want to talk more about the process in depth and how I chose to approach my downsizing.

  • Fat White Cat

    What a great list of goals! If you find yourself wanting to take a hip hop class again soon, I’d recommend Westlake Dance Center. They have lots of hip hop classes, and they do have beginner’s classes (just have to ask Sandy at the front desk which ones are actually beginning).

  • Seriously such a good year for you! So excited to see what 2016 brings your way :)

    • 2015 was an amazing year for you too!! Can’t believe your first anniversary is right around the corner– felt like almost just yesterday your magical wedding happened! :)

  • Yay! You met so many huge goals these year, and, perhaps most importantly, achieved these goals in the face of resistance. You’re an inspiration! :)

    • Aww, thanks Jess! Having the goals on the blog definitely kept my accountable. Not going to lie… there were definitely times that I thought I was going to give up on something and then thought, “oh shoot… I already blogged about that.” haha it sounds silly, but having a record of something definitely kept the accountability!

  • Asa

    I love your writing style and found your 2015 reflection inspiring. You had some lofty goals but accomplished a lot. I love your outfit too. That fur vest is amazing!