Goals for 2016

I had a really tough time writing goals for 2016 because 2015 felt like such a crazy year full of ambitious goals that I would never be able to top. Every time I sat down to write about goal setting, I would think, “What can I do that will be bigger and better that the last goal?” and it got too overwhelming. Spending the last couple of weeks devoid from thinking about goal setting, I think I’ve finally figured it out.

goals for 2016

My goals for this year shouldn’t be to outdo 2015. Why did I think I needed to be in a competition with myself? So silly. I’m looking to change the tone of the conversation from chasing the “next big thing” to instead being happy in the present and maintaining where I am now. 2016 will be about learning how to maintain the current status quo after the “big wins” have already been accomplished.

Be present: let technology take a backseat
One big thing that biking taught me last year was to enjoy my current surroundings. Spending hours on a bike and not being able to constantly check my phone for the latest Instagrams, Facebook updates, or tweets, showed me how amazing it is to be present in what’s currently happening. Being 100% ingrained in conversations and attentive to the surroundings is what I want to do! This year, I’m hoping to keep my phone off the table while in the company of others, stay engaged in personal conversations, and know that things on the internet can wait for catching up on during down time.

Run at least once a week
I’m not a runner. I’ve never had the stamina to make it further than 5 blocks (no joke!) in a single go with a brisk jogging pace. Since I can’t bike consistently each week with the rainy Seattle winter days, running will be the way that I balance maintaining some sort of level of fitness this year. My goal is to be able to run at least 2 miles without stopping by the end of the year. Definitely doesn’t seem like a crazy goal, but trust me when I say I am currently an awful runner! haha ;)

Continue to learn new things
Last year, I was on a “learning kick”, taking classes, working on old skills, and getting excited to try new things! One of my favourite classes was a calligraphy class at Fresh Tangerine. This year, I want to keep taking classes and learning new skills! The thought of being out of my comfort zone to try something new makes me nervous, but I love a good challenge. On the top of my lists are classes for woodworking, welding (or some sort of metal smith), and pottery. In summary, this goal is rooted in the idea of exploring my passions and continuing to grow.

Finish building a minimalist, working closet
Last year, a lot of purging went down. I was able to downsize to about 50% of my closet, but I know there are still refinements that need to be made. It’s also now clear there are some holes that need to be filled. I want to be conscious of the pieces that remain in my wardrobe as it exists today, and even more aware of the pieces that get added moving forward. I’ve been working really hard to avoid falling victim to fast fashion and have seen the upsides to spending a few more dollars on quality pieces.

This year is a short list of goals, but I’m excited to stick with them! Each of them are pretty open ended, but I’m hoping to stay focused this year on maintaining the foundation that was set in 2015.

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  • All very good goals and I like that you phrased it as “maintaining where I am now.” We often don’t look at where we are and really enjoy and appreciate that, so this seems like a great way to look at things.

  • Love that you added Learning to the list!! I’m starting with sewing thanks to a christmas gift of a new sewing machine, but calligraphy is definitely next on that list for me.

  • Portia Smith

    It was great meeting you at the Brooks Event! I LOVED this post. I agree – focusing on the present is so important. Perfectly said. xoxo

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  • I love your goals. I’d love a smaller closet too and moving away gave me that at first and now it’s ballooned again. Here’s to more conscious decisions in style and in living in the present! Cheers to 2016! xx

  • Hi Katrina! Don’t know why I’ve been away so long, but I’m catching up now.. I love that you take the time to set goals and connect with a mentor. I think it’s so easy for us to expect to just grow organically, but the truth is we really do have to be intentional about it! Thanks for sharing some of your process with us! Love the graphic btw. ;)