Kickin’ it with the cool kids

This past month has been absolutely crazy! Being a bad sleeper to begin with (yay, insomnia!) and having to deal with a 17 hour time zone change on top of it has not been easy. To battle the tiredness, I’ve been trying to get outside and tire myself out during the day so that I could try to fall asleep at a “normal” hour. Getting to play on a skateboard reminded me so much of my teenage tomboy years. I couldn’t ollie on my first skateboard from when I was 15… turns out that almost 15 years later, I still can’t seem to ollie and get any air. I guess some things never change? heh!

women's athleisure outfit ideas
women's athleisure outfit ideas
outfit details:
leather jacket: Michael Kors (similar)
hoodie: Club Monaco (similar)
slouchy white tee: Aritzia (similar)
Dress Pant Yoga Pants: Betabrand (exact)
Barra watch: c/o Shore Projects (exact)
Heritage sneakers: c/o Brooks (similar)
beanie: borrowed from bf’s closet (similar)

Shore Projects Barra watch and Brooks Heritage shoes

I was super stoked to get home from Japan to find a few surprises in the mailbox. One of them were these Brooks Heritage Vanguard sneakers, which are in the S/S 2016 collection that will be available online and in stores on March 15 (only a few days away)! What do you think of this monochromatic grey and white palette going on? I couldn’t stop thinking about these shoes and hoped so badly that at the time I saw them during the collection preview, they were available for purchase so I could take them along to Asia. Instead, I got to take them for a spin on a new skateboard as soon as I got off the plane. Not too shabby of an introduction to the wardrobe, if I do say so myself! ;) They are so comfy and the vintage style makes them so easy to incorporate into a minimalist athleisure outfit. Not to mention, the support in these shoes is thumbs up, making an athleisure look absolutely effortless and functional for work!

shoe projects barra watch review
Another piece that was recently added to the accessories collection is the Barra watch by Shore Projects. Shore Projects recently launched their collection of minimalist watches at Nordstrom in Washington, which is how I got a chance to check them out. Absolutely gorgeous pieces with the most stunningly beautiful and modular packaging I have ever seen from a watch company. It says a lot when companies go above and beyond to not only make their products stand out, but to make their packaging exceptionally captivating too. Hoping to find some time to photograph the box and write up a review on this piece once my internal clock switches from being a night owl back to regular, non-vampire hours.

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