Spring favourites, new and old

Spring is here, which means taking outfit photos in the rain here in Seattle! Having spent yesterday hiding out in a coffee shop to get some work done, I took a quick look at my closet to pick out some favourite pieces from past seasons to help put together some Spring outfit ideas before heading out. This is what I came up with, zombie eye-bags included from dealing with Daylight Savings on top of a 17 hour time zone change! haha :P

fitcode review
vintage coach city bag
outfit details:
utility jacket: Loft (similar)
scoop neck tee: Aritzia (similar)
jeans: 7 for All Mankind (similar)
booties: Hinge (similar)
purse: Vintage Coach City Bag (exact in dark brown)
glasses: c/o SEE Eyewear
watch: Daniel Wellington (exact)

Everything in this outfit was pulled from existing pieces in my closet, aside from the Coach City Bag. This vintage piece was a recent score on Poshmark (do any of you use this app? Would love to chat about your thoughts on here) after seeing a not-so-great-shape version of this vintage beauty while at my local Goodwill store. I absolutely love the simple silhouette and the crossbody style and went on a crazy hunt to find a better conditioned one from what I saw in person.

vintage coach city bag
It took a few weeks of stalking Poshmark, Ebay, and Etsy, but I finally found this cognac beauty in pristine condition from 1987 and am so excited to have added it to my collection. This would be the first accessory purchased in 2016 for me, which broke my shopping ban for handbags. Can’t say I’m too sad about breaking the ban on this piece!

So this is pic below is definitely an outtake, but I wanted to make a quick shoutout to Fitcode, who helped me find these perfect fitting jeans last summer. As my body went through (and is still going through) a bunch of changes, Fitcode helped to find sets of jeans that would fit my proportions.

hinge nordstrom booties
Fitcode is currently hosting a contest that’s open to anyone for a pair of premium denim up to $200. Simply upload a pic of yourself in your favourite pair of jeans to their Facebook contest (contest details here). I’m not getting compensated for this post, but I do have a chance of winning as well if you let them know you heard about the contest from my lil ‘ol blog.

Happy Monday!

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  • Can’t wait to start living in my lighter weight field jackets that let me create this same outfit vibe all spring long!! Adore this look, and totally feel ya on the dark eye circles :(

    • Can’t wait to see your take on this look! I need to know your dark eye circle secrets… you look flawless in your snaps, even with all the traveling!

  • Ah, I love that bag! I love that they’re new releases are similar in style to their vintage pieces, but hate the thought of spending so much on a brand new Coach bag. Your Poshmark find looks like a total score!

    • Thank you!! I know what you mean. I saw the classic collection that was “relaunched” for the 75th anniversary, but couldn’t bring myself to pay the modern price tag on a bag. Poshmark has so many great vintage Coach bags for under $50, so I would highly recommend checking out the listings if you’re in the market for one.

  • All of it. ALL. I love the Coach bag but I love the color of those boots! And the jeans. Yeah just goodness all around.

    • thank you!! hope to see you around soon… it’s been so long. I feel like a giant creeper just keeping up with you through your snaps!

      • Nah, I creep on you too! So if we both creepin it isn’t creepy. Plus I like your evil looking cat. Yeah, it’s been too long! Hopefully we’ll catch each other at an event soon. :)

  • I’m thinking of doing a 30×30 in April, along with a shopping ban, because honestly? This year has been a fail on that front so far. I’ve been doing shopping therapy instead of dealing with things *wompwomp* have you ever done a 30×30 or anything similar? I’m sort of worried about the weather aspect as well, April showers and all.. anywho, those are my random thoughts for the day! Happy Easter! :)

    • Happy (belated) Easter!! I think I’m in the opposite boat from you, this season. I’ve been having such a hard time shopping and finding anything that I want to buy. Mainly because I gave myself a super tight budget this year for frivolous clothing spending, but it’s been a challenge.

      Digging through my archives for 30×30 inspiration for you! I actually did 1 full 30×30 (which is how I ended up starting this blog back in the day), and barely made it through half of another 30×30: http://thedemuremuse.com/tag/30-for-30-remix/

      • I’m so impressed with you sticking to your budget! Even though I know how annoying it can be to not find anything/find something that won’t fit in with your budget. But seriously, how do you do it? I budget, but I just shuffle things around as I need *guiltyface*

        And thank you for digging! Is it weird that I thought I was looking at a different person at first? Like, in my head, you’re this really cool, urban, edgy chic, and this was.. so different! If I may say so, I’m happy that your style has evolved since 2011 ;) :)

        • HAHA I know, right? I wasn’t sure if I wanted to resurface all those posts, but it’s pretty crazy to see how much style can evolve in 5 short years. Of all of those pieces in the original 30×30 challenges, I think I still wear about 3 and everything else I either outgrew and gave away/donated.

          It’s been pretty challenging to stay on budget, but I’m hoping to stay strict with myself this year. After all the closet cleaning and learning that I can sustain myself on a small portion of my previous wardrobe, I’m hoping to be better about investing in clothing and being more conscious of “slow fashion” instead of giving into trendy fast fashion, like I have in the past. Starting a bucket list of places that I want to travel to didn’t hurt the budget planning either! ;) A little reminder for goals helped a lot.

          Can’t wait to hear how your April 30×30 goes!

  • Stephanie Chacharon

    Great pictures! Thanks for the Fitcode love, Katrina!

  • Oh, you do look fabulous in those jeans!