Spring essentials: On and off the road

One thing that work travel has taught me is to look for versatility in clothing in terms of comfort, style, and appropriateness. By far, my favourite pair of pants are Dress Pant Yoga Pants (worn here, here, and here). I own 3 pairs of these babies in black, alone! They’re the absolute best for plane to office, train to restaurant, or just passing-out-on-the-couch-after-a-long-day pants. Plus, the infinitely stretchy banded waist means that these are also sometimes my buffet pants. ;)

travel outfit ideas
outfit details:
moto jacket: Michael Kors (similar)
button down: Equipment (similar)
cropped travel pants: c/o Betabrand (exact)
Vanguard sneakers: c/o Brooks (exact)
purse: vintage Coach via Goodwill (similar options)

equipment micro striped button down
betabrand cropped travel pants

In trying to find my Spring essentials (especially considering all the travel that has been happening this season so far), I was super excited to try their new Cropped Travel Pants, which were designed with the traveler in mind. These pants are made of the softest knit and have pockets in the most convenient places. After a long bus ride, you can really see how wrinkle-free the pants stayed, especially compared to my button down! My one pain point with these pants are circumference of the openings. I had to roll the hem upwards about an inch to get a more snug fit, as the opening was a bit too big for my calves.

The outfit in this post pretty much sums of what my Spring essentials, aka travel outfits, are:

1. Moto jacket
This jacket has been a carryover from Fall to Winter and now to Spring. It has been, hands down, one of the best investments I’ve made for my closet since starting the wardrobe overhaul. I used to think that paying more than $100 for a single article of clothing was insane, but given how often I wear this jacket, how much I love the style and fit, and the fact that it pretty much goes with 90% of my closet, I think the splurge was worth it.

2. Casual button down shirts
This one is new for me. I’m a t-shirt or sweatshirt kinda gal for the most part, but there’s something so nice about a button down shirt that makes me feel like I look like I tried harder in the morning (or something like that… haha). Finding feminine but boyfriend-cut shirts has been high up on my list lately.

3. Versatile pants for all stages of the day
I’d say a good 80% (maybe more?) of my pants collection is from Betabrand. I refuse to believe that owning 5 pairs of Dress Pant Yoga Pants is a crime! They have a great selection of women’s pants that are not only super comfy, but fall into the category of versatile pants.

4. Neutral kicks
With the athleisure style movement going strong, I have to admit that I have more than 3 pairs of runners that I rotate between whenever traveling. Thankfully, I work in a pretty relaxed environment where sneakers are acceptable forms of footwear, so it has been a saving grace to be able to run off a plane to a meeting room in sneakers without having to pack an extra pair of shoes.

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  • Seriously been loving the casual leather jacket look, too! So easy and I feel like it makes me feel fancy even when I’m so lazy! ha

  • Love how comfortable yet put together this outfit looks! I live in my moto jacket this time of year too – it still gets so chilly once the sun goes down that I hate to be without it!

  • McKenna Moe

    That leather jacket is so cute! I need to add one like that to my closet.

  • Kate

    I had a pair of pants from betabrand that stretched a ton in the waist, I had to get rid of them. How do you wash and dry yours? (machine/hand/dry cleaner)?

    • So sorry to hear that happened!! I usually put my Betabrand pants (or any pants that are stretchy, tbh) in a mesh bag before popping it into the washer. I always wash on cold/cold, and then hang to dry. My original pair of DPYP from a few years ago have held up beautifully, and I bought another pair last Fall, which is starting to now stretch a bit in the knees (even after being washed the same way as my first pair).

  • I feel that way about button-downs too! You always make me want to try some yoga dress pants… This looks so nice!