Hama Hama oyster picking

Last month, a handful of friends organized a trip to Hama Hama Oysters to do some oyster picking. Not being the biggest fan of oysters (I’ve only eaten 2 oysters raw in my entire life before going to Hama Hama… not a huge fan of raw fish) and never having shucked an oyster myself, I didn’t know how excited to get about this day trip. Not to mention, it was supposed to rain the weekend we planned to go oyster picking.

betabrand Nor'easter raincoat
outfit details:
raincoat: c/o Betabrand (exact, but sold out)
jeans: PAIGE denim (similar)
scuba hoodie: Lululemon (similar)
rain boots: Treton (similar)
beanie: H&M (men’s section)

hama hama oyster farm
hama hama oyster picking

I came fully prepped in my one and only, beloved raincoat, rain boots, and a beanie for good measure. Turns out that the weather Gods had a totally different plan for the day! We were in the warm, but windy, sunshine for majority of the time we were picking.

Hama Hama oyster picking was super easy: reaching into the ankle-height waters to look for appropriately sized oysters that weren’t clustered together. The double oysters in two photos above had to be placed back in the waters.

After about an hour of picking oysters, we moved on to digging for clams. With nothing but a hand-sized gardening trowel and our bare hands, we squirreled through moist sand to unearth some of the most delicious clams! Our final haul ended up consisting of 5 dozen oysters and 5lbs of clams.

hama hama oyster picking - shucked oysters

Let’s just say that I got pretty good with shucking oysters by the end of this trip! ;)
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  • I want to do this RIGHT NOW. Seriously, this is my dream come true.

    • You would LOVE it!! Being able to shuck the oysters just a few steps off the shore from picking is incredible. I ate more oysters in that one sitting than in my entire lifetime (so like… 5), and they were so tasty fresh!

  • Les @ The Balanced Berry

    Ok, I have only had oysters like once and wasn’t necessarily a fan, but this looks super fun! I would try them again if I got to pick and shuck them myself :)

    • I am totally in the same boat as you! Before this oyster picking adventure, I had only ever eaten raw oysters twice, and I wasn’t a super fan of them either times. There’s something about the texture of raw fish that I have a bit of a mental hurdle getting over. BUT! I did eat like 5 at Hama Hama and even though I’m still a little iffy about raw oysters, I’ll say that having lots of toppings to dress the oysters up with definitely helped!

  • In northern Cali we also have oyster farms, and I love going up spending the day chucking, and eating next to the waters. It’s so much fun!


    Tamara – LoveofMode.com

  • This sounds like so much fun! I’m not really into raw fish much either but maybe I’d like it better if I picked it myself ;)

    • Picking it yourself will definitely help! But even after self-picking and shucking, I don’t think I could eat more than 5 in a single sitting.

  • I am definitely a clam vs. oyster fan – but it’s the process which makes it so fun! Adorable photos!