HAIR TUTORIAL: Perfect beach waves

With beach days being a few weeks out here in Seattle (gosh, it just poured rain yesterday), why not bring the beach waves early? I’m excited to share this easy beach waves hair tutorial, whose look can be achieved using a hair curler and a few key prep and finishing products.

I specifically chose to use and highlight ABBA products for this post to align with my goal of trying to replace my existing beauty and haircare products with all natural* and/or parabens-free products. ABBA specializes in being 100% vegan, gluten-free and made without parabens, phathalates, synthetic colour additives, sulfates, and sodium chlorides.

hair tutorial: how to make the perfect beach waves via
Step 1: I started with freshly washed hair, sprayed with the ABBA Curl Prep Spray before hair drying. In his photo, the left side of the hair part has been curled with the perfect beach waves, and on the right is what my hair looked like after being dried but before being curled.

Step 2: To further encourage the curls, do a light spritz of the ABBA Prep Spray again on the dried hair, combing through from root to tip, before curling.

Step 3: Using a Cricket Ultra Smooth professional curling iron, wrap about a 2″ section of hair around the barrel, starting about 6″ from the root. Clip and hold the hair for about 10 seconds before releasing.

Step 4: As each layer of curls are finished, mist the ABBA Curl Finish Spray to help hold the shape of the curls.

The next two steps are optional, but definitely helpful for high-humidity cities like Seattle. I’ve had my curls completely frizz out in the past from humidity and it sucked! After putting time into doing my hair, the last thing I wanted was for a warm day to ruin the ‘do! Here’s a couple extra steps to help battle the humidity and keep those curls going strong for longer.

hair tutorial: how to make the perfect beach waves via

Step 5: To help control the fly-aways and frizziness, spray a light layer of the ABBA Firm Finish Spray. I layered the Firm Finish Spray on top o the Curl Finish Spray for an extra hold.

Step 6: Before the Finish Spray dries, grab a handful of the curls and scrunch them upwards (towards the root) to create texture and help to set the shape of the waves. If at this point you feel that the curls are too tight, this is a great time to gently run your fingers through the curls to relax them, while still keeping the shape.

perfect beach waves hair tutorial
And there you have it! Easy, perfect beach waves and in under 20 minutes!

As a recap, I used the Cricket Ultra Smooth professional curling iron to do this hairstyle. The barrel heats up to 392F (there are 5 different temperature levels), which made the curling process quick (I used the highest heat setting). The barrel on this Cricket curling iron is also thicker than my previous curling iron (which was used to create the hairdo in my last outfit post), which made for natural-looking, looser waves instead of tight curls.

Disclosure: I received the Cricket Ultra Smooth professional curling iron and all ABBA hair products called out in this post to try out in exchange for my honest opinion of the products. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.

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  • Your curls are on fleek girl!! And I never knew Washington was considered humid. I only thought states like Florida, Louisiana, etc. were. I always learn something new! heheh


    • hehe thanks Tina!! Seattle has an average of 40% humidity in the Summers, which is crazy because it definitely doesn’t feel that way until your hair gets ruined haha!

  • Len Dela Peña Parent

    Awesome post! Love it! Thanks for sharing darling! Happy Monday!
    much love,Len