Staying confident (and comfy) while on the road

The first half of this year has been incredibly travel-intense. Taking on a new job in design has been really exciting and challenging both in and out of the office. Before taking on this role, I had no idea what the expectations were for traveling, going from one office to the next and needing to be “on” as soon as I walked off a plane. It’s crazy to think that it’s only August and I’ve already been on 20+ flights… that’s more flight segments in the first 7 months of 2016 alone than I’ve taken in the last two years combined!

Today I’m excited to partner with Hanes to share some of my travel outfit essentials that help me stay comfy and confident – Comfydent – when transitioning from being the road straight into a meeting.

Hanes Comfydent

The most important outfit to me is the one that I wear on the plane. When on long flight segments, especially red-eye segments, I like to wear pieces that are comfortable enough to fall asleep in, but also acceptable enough to walk straight into a meeting with. Most of my trips this year have required me to go straight from the airport to a meeting room with no time to change. Arguably, the under garments have been more important, if not the most important, pieces to plan for. I’ve been loving this Hanes Ultimate Comfy Support ComfortFlex Fit Wire-free bra. The tag-free label ensures itch-free comfort (a must when sitting on a plane for hours!), and the sleek silhouette is perfect for no-show under any outfit, making it the travel essential that can easily be transitioned from day to night.

Hanes travel outfit
When I can, I try to avoid bringing more than just a carry-on on the plane because I worry about checked luggage getting lost in transit. Sometimes – especially for longer trips – it’s just not possible to avoid checking a bag. After having gone through the stress of having a piece of checked luggage go MIA for a day, I’ve learned my lesson and always pack a set of essentials in my carry-on just in case.

In my carry-on backpack, I’ll bring a full extra outfit (t-shirt and jeans, plus undergarments), a toothbrush, and some deodorant, just in case:

Hanes ComfortFlex carry-on essentials
Included in the outfit is the Hanes Get Cozy ComfortFlex Fit Wire-Free bra, a pullover styled bra that provides all day support and comfort, designed with a sleek silhouette for no show under any outfit. I like to bring this bra along because the lack of wiring makes it an piece to fold compactly for easy storage.

I also bring an extra pair of underwear, the Hanes Cool Comfort Cotton Hipster Panties, because my biggest nightmare is not having fresh underwear to change into in the case of lost luggage! These are my current favourite to bring along because the ultra-soft cotton feels great against skin, and the covered elastic leg bands don’t ride up, which makes them the perfect pair for wearing on long days of hunting down lost luggage, or back-to-back meetings.

For me, when I’m comfortable and wearing clothes that help me bring out the best version of myself through these transitive states in a work day, I feel confident.

Join the #BeComfydent movement, using this hashtag on social media to share and explore all the outfits that show when you’re comfy, you’re confident!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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