Keeping a minimalist wardrobe feeling fresh

Building a minimalist working wardrobe is not an overnight task. It’s something that I actively started working on over a year ago and continue to build on today. This whole process was sparked by a combination of reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and becoming a more conscious consumer after reading the effects of fast fashion on the environment.

Although I only have a rough idea of what mission complete is supposed to look or feel like, I sometimes feel like I’m still a ways away from being done. Not surprisingly, 90% of my wardrobe’s palette is now black, white, grey, or denim. The remaining 10% is the handful of “special occasion” or sentimental keepsake pieces. To avoid my everyday outfits from looking like a boring uniform, I have started to play with bold accessories to pair and elevate the neutral basics. Here are some tips and tricks for building a minimalist wardrobe and keeping it feeling fresh.

Minimalist wardrobe building: How to incorporate accent accessories
outfit details:
cold shoulder top: ASOS (exact)
skinny jeans: AG Jeans (exact)
Brooks vintage logo hat: c/o Brooks (Heritage collection)
quilted Vanguard sneakers: c/o Brooks (launching Oct 1!)

1. Pick a limited colour palette and stick with it!

To be honest, the current palette of black, white, grey, and denim, is nothing new to my wardrobe. My previous closet was heavily in favour of this palette. The only difference now is that instead of these colours making up 55% of my wardrobe, they make up close to 90%. Of course, the base palette colours can vary from person to person. Learning what colours you gravitate to most and have an abundance of in your current wardrobe will help identify which colours are best for your minimalist wardrobe. Remember, there’s no right or wrong answer! Whatever works best is the closest “right answer” for you!

2. Look for basics that help shape select silhouettes

Know what silhouettes you like best and build your wardrobe around those. Having multiple pieces that help build the same silhouette over and over again with different outfits will make pairing pieces easier. For example, if you like easy, loose-fitting tops, stock your wardrobe with boyfriend tees in all colours that make up the neutral palette. This will make interchanging of the tees a breeze because all of them will support the same overall outfit silhouette!

vintage brooks baseball hat

3. Rotate accessories to keep it feeling fresh

It’s been a while since I purchased any new staples for my main base wardrobe. To keep these simple outfits feeling fresh and new with each season, I’ve been mixing bold accessories to strike a fun contrast with the neutral base palette. Surprisingly, red is the colour that I gravitate to most for accessories. It’s so bold and attention-grabbing, completely in the opposite direction of the rest of my closet. Mix and match shoes, hats, necklaces, etc, to help bring a new perspective to base outfits on high rotation.

If you’re also building a minimalist wardrobe, I’m curious to know if you have any additional tips and tricks to help keep it feeling fresh from season to season!

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