Carbs are the new black

For my birthday this year, I caved and allowed myself a frivolous wardrobe purchase. Back in July, a couple friends and I were walking around the park and spotted someone wearing a vintage baseball-styled tee that read “carbs” in cursive across the front. The carb-loading, bread-donuts-cookies-and-fries lover in me immediately fell in love and I went on a crazy hunt to find this shirt.

Off the shoulder CARBS sweater
Off the shoulder carbs sweater
outfit details:
off the shoulder CARBS sweater: etsy (exact)
dress pant yoga pants: Betabrand (exact)
cropped moto jacket: MISSGUIDED (similar in suede)
milled leather booties: c/o Dansko (exact)
glasses: Warby Parker (exact)

CARBS sweater
Sadly, the baseball tee version of this shirt could not be found, despite a ridiculous amount of Googling. Instead, I found a shop on Etsy that has a handful of #blogger sayings on sweaters, tees, and tanks! Apparently, there’s now a baseball tee version of this CARBS sweater. If only this were available when I made the original purchase… oh well!

The saying, “You are what you eat” resonates strongly. But in all realness, this shirt proves, “I am what I wear.”

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