Apple picking

A few weekends ago, some friends and I braved the torrential downpour and went on a mission to go apple picking, As the non-planner for this trip, I fell asleep on the car ride over. As we parked the car, I woke up only to realize that I went to this same orchard 4 years ago! Looking back on that old post, I can say for a fact that I dressed more appropriately this time around ;) haha!

apple picking in Seattle
outfit details:
raincoat: c/o Helly Hansen (exact)
Dress Pant Yoga Pants: Betabrand (exact)
Bar Harbor All-Weather boots: LL Bean (exact)
beanie: H&M (similar)

Jones Creek Farms - apple picking
apple picking in Washington

I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but these L.L. Bean boots have been sitting in my closet for almost 2 years before this apple picking trip. Buying items off-season has its pros and cons. The big pro for buying these boots back when I did is the fact that they were 20% off. The con is that I had to wait almost a full year before they were weather appropriate to wear. By that time, I may have forgotten about them in the back of the closet. Rediscovering (and wearing them for the first time) almost 2 years after their initial purchase is more than a little bit embarrassing to admit.

LL Bean boots - Bar Harbor All-Weather boots
Helly Hansen - raincoat
If you ever find yourself apple picking during planned downpour, I highly recommend wearing some sort of eye protection. Despite these big frames, I still got hit in the eyeballs a handful of times with sideways rain drops. Not exactly the best conditions for blog photos haha!

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  • Liv

    Great fall outfit.


  • McKenna Moe

    Love the dark contrast in these photos!

  • Marissa Pedersen

    How fun! I’ve actually never been apple picking. You make me want to add that to my weekend list now!

  • Jennifer Bigler

    Looks like fun and you looked great while doing it!

  • Kendra Darr

    Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  • Terumi Pong

    We’re hoping to pick tomorrow but it is SO rainy! Looks like you had a fun time:)

  • I’m sad apple season is now essentially over around here. Lots of farms are closing up shop. We went picking a while ago and are running out of delicious honeycrisp apples. Excited to go again next year, though maybe I’ll try to hit a sunny day again ;)